Ranking Amanda Bynes’ 10 Best Acting Roles

With the way her life is going these days, “AMANDA, PLEASE” may never act again. Let’s relive the golden years before she’d given up her true calling.

10. “Love Wrecked” (2005)

This movie was so bad that it actually was finished in 2005 and never made it onto any screen until 2007, when it was downgraded to TV movie. It involves getting trapped on an island with a rock star and feuding with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Amanda saw better days than this, though she does get to hang out with that cute guy from Mean Girls.

9. “Sydney White” (2007)

This is also one of the worst movies on earth and her hair is actually a wig in it for some inexplicable reason. Fun fact: I tried to see this in theaters but it was gone so quickly I couldn’t and had to wait for the DVD to come out.

8. “Hairspray” (2007)

Amanda as a cutie named Penny who falls in love with a boy named Seaweed.

7. “All That” (1996-2002)

The show that launched Amanda into our hearts, but there was just not enough Amanda on All That.

6. “Big Fat Liar” (2002)

There’s a scene in this movie where Amanda and Frankie Muniz have a weird moment of sexual tension while stuck to a velcro wall and I thought it was so romantic as a youth.

5. “What a Girl Wants” (2003)

Amanda in Britain with Colin Firth as her dad. Of course her dad would be Colin Firth, that makes perfect sense.

4. “What I Like About You” (2002-2006)

What a delightful and wholly unoffensive show that few people watched and never really got its due.

3. “Easy A” (2010)

Super pious and incredibly bitchy served Amanda well in the movie she quit acting and then un-quit acting shortly after making.

2. “The Amanda Show” (1999-2002)

When you wonder what the mighty falling looks like, remember that once Amanda had her own show and she wasn’t even an adult and it was amazing and she was a better Judge than Judge Judy.

1. “She’s the Man” (2006)

This is not only the best Amanda Bynes movie, it might be one of the best movies ever. Choice quotes include: “What does your heart tell you?…I mean, who would you rather see naked.” “You know how it is. New school, new babe pool.” “I gotta lifetimeofknowledge.” “Why yes I do. My favourite’s gouda.”

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