The Official Amanda Bynes Timeline

What would Ashley say about her new ways?

1. Remember when she was just a little kid?

ID: 519476

2. She was on “All That” on Nickelodeon.

ID: 520442

3. She was arguably one of the best cast members ever.

Okay, they were ALL awesome.

ID: 520202

4. She got to do “Figure It Out!”

ID: 520221

5. Then she got her own show…

ID: 520300

6. …it was a one-woman comedy extravaganza!

ID: 520179

7. I mean, it was AWESOME.

ID: 520193

8. Then she got older and did “She’s The Man”…

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And Channing Tatum still had spikey hair.

ID: 520233

9. …one of her greatest films.

ID: 520370

10. And then “Hairspray,” where she looked cute as a button.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

And Zac Efron still had his shaggy hair.

ID: 520666

12. This was the last of her innocence.

ID: 520250

13. Because then she did a “Maxim” photo spread, to show people she was all grown up…

ID: 520377

14. …and mature.

ID: 520788

15. Her maturity made her philosophical:

ID: 521002

16. And wise:

ID: 520994

17. And honest:

ID: 521007

18. Then things turned sour when she was arrested for a DUI, and it was revealed she had lilac colored hair.

ID: 520277

19. We hadn’t really seen her since she left the courthouse after her arrest…

ID: 520787

20. (NO, not this courthouse.)

ID: 520932

21. …then yesterday she reappeared with blonde hair, again looking disheveled.

ID: 520292

22. We miss you, young Amanda!!

ID: 520870

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