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29 Questions About “Home Alone” That Still Keep You Up At Night

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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1. Why isn’t anyone alarmed by the police officer just, like, chillin’ by the front door?

20th Century Fox / Via Giphy

Literally no one cares. Easily 2/3 of the family runs by this guy and no one seems to even notice. No wonder they forgot Kevin!

2. Who really expects an eight-year-old to properly pack a suitcase?

20th Century Fox / Via

At that age, my suitcase would've consisted of around 36 perfectly coordinated outfits for my favorite American Girl Doll, and absolutely nothing else.


6. Why is no one at all mad at the teenager for bullying and antagonizing the eight-year-old?

20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

So is this the one family in the entire universe that blames everything on the younger sibling? As a forever bitter older sibling, I can assure you that this is a very unlikely scenario.


9. Why did no one get mad at this girl for so carelessly miscounting?!

20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

Weird neighbor kid = clearly not Kevin. Maybe it's just me, but this seems like a pretty massive screw up. You had one job.

10. Why were the police not more concerned?

20th Century Fox / Via Playbuzz

I'm not saying that Kevin deserved his 15 minutes on Nancy Grace or anything like that, but they could've done a little more that just dropping by really quick to make sure the place hadn't burned down.


15. Why does this delivery boy not call the police after (he believes) someone tries to shoot him?

20th Century Fox / Via World News Hound

Also, does no one else work for Little Nero's or is it just a coincidence that he delivered to Kevin's house twice?


18. Why doesn’t Old Man Marley ever ask Kevin where his parents are?

20th Century Fox / Via

He runs into this little boy, clearly unsupervised, all over town and he doesn't find it strange that his parents are nowhere to be found?

19. Why doesn’t Kevin go to the police?

20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

He knows what the burglars look like. He knows what van they drive. He knows they're coming to his house at 9 o'clock. Is he out of his mind?


22. How do Harry and Marv recover from those injuries so quickly?

20th Century Fox / Via imoviequotes

Maybe I'm a wimp, but falling off of concrete steps onto my back AND getting lit on fire would've put me out for at least, like, a few hours.


25. And why do the police never come to question Kevin? — or, like, check up on him, at least?

20th Century Fox / Via Tumblr

As a whole here, I really don't understand any of the judgment calls made by this police department.

28. If Kevin's mom has not showered or slept since leaving Chicago at the beginning of the movie, how does she still look this good at the end?!

20th Century Fox / Via Pinterest

Put that hair in a bun and buy yourself an overpriced pair of airport souvenir sweats. Be free Mama McAlister.


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