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    24 Goofy And Quirky Products For Anyone Who Loves The Holidays

    These products will sleigh you!

    1. A show-stopping Christmas suit that'll instantly make you the life of the party. This suit has a tailored fit and a colourful print that is sure to stand out. Ugly Christmas sweaters, meet sexy Christmas suit. 😏

    2. A hockey-inspired sweater that'll show everyone what player you're rooting for in the NHL (National Holiday League). If you're a huge hockey fan, this is the perfect sweater for you. It looks like a real jersey with Santa's name and number on the front and back. Go, Santa, go!

    3. A pack of tiny ornaments that'll add some holly jolly attitude to your beard. These ornaments are attached to mini hair clips, so they won't fall out of your beard when you wear them.

    4. A Christmas sweater that'll make your heart sing if you're a huge Beatles fan. The rock band's iconic 1969 studio album Abbey Road looks utterly magical as a holiday sweater, complete with elf versions of John, Paul, George, and Ringo!

    5. A cute and festive sweatshirt for all the Potterheads who are on the hunt for the perfect holiday-themed sweater. This one practically radiates magic with a combo of holiday and Hogwarts motifs. Just say Lumos, because this sweater is actually lit!

    6. A pair of knit cozies that will give your wine bottles their very own holiday look. They will be sure to add some festive cheer to the dinner table!

    7. A soft cotton sweatshirt that'll look totally ~corgeous!~ on you. You'll feel warm and fuzzy all over when you wear this sweatshirt, because it combines your two favourite things: Christmas and corgis!

    8. A colourful sweater vest that will speak to any twentysomething grandma. Why not break off from the conventional ugly Christmas sweater with something that's still festive, but won't get you overheated? Also, it's super comfy.

    9. A plush turkey hat that'll be the talk of the party. You'll make all the guests laugh with this hilariously awful holiday hat, and if a giant turkey sitting on your head wasn't enough, the entire thing lights up!

    10. A cheesy sweatshirt that'll show everyone what you really want for Christmas. This is the perfect foodie Christmas sweater, and it's made with a blend of cotton and polyester, so it'll stay soft and cozy even after a few washes.

    11. A bestselling door cover that'll help your guests find the bathroom without a problem. The banner will blend in with the rest of your holiday decor, but will also add in a little potty humour.

    12. A glass-blown pickle ornament that'll look absolutely ~dillicious~ on the Christmas tree. It's actually an old German tradition to hide a glass pickle ornament on the tree. The first person to find it on Christmas morning is supposed to get a special gift!

    13. An eye-catching Christmas sweater that'll straightforwardly showcase your love of the most wonderful time of the year. It's made of 100% cotton that'll feel super soft against your skin.

    14. A pack of hilarious party glasses that'll put anyone in a cheery mood. There are nine different styles and each is made with a lightweight and glittery fabric that'll add some much-needed sparkle to your holiday photos.

    15. An off-the-shoulder sweatshirt that's super stylish and has the most iconic Home Alone line written on it. It's made of a cotton blend so it's breathable, and won't get you uncomfortably hot if you decide to dance.

    16. A light-up holiday sweater that'll put everyone in the party mood. Reviewers love how comfy the sweater felt, and said the lights were a real crowdpleaser.

    17. A fun costume that'll transform your furry friend into one of Santa's reindeer for the night. It's designed like a saddle, so it's super easy to adjust for a perfect fit. It's a surefire way to make your pet end up in everyone's Insta story.

    18. An eye-catching cardigan that practically radiates Christmas! Not only is it bright green, but it's also festooned in tinsel and shiny ornaments. You'll walk into room looking like modern Christmas tree, but make it fashion!

    19. A spooky Jack Skellington ornament for anyone who is a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's technically a Halloween movie, but Jack has so much holiday cheer, it kind of works for Christmas, too!

    20. A cute swing dress that'll make you feel like Ms. Frizzle at a Christmas party. All you need is a pair of themed earrings. Since it's made of polyester and spandex, it's both stretchy and comfortable.

    21. A glittery banner that'll let everyone know exactly when it's time to leave, so you don't have to pretend to yawn around them to get the hint across. Hosting can be pretty exhausting!

    22. A holiday monitor frame that'll jazz up your screen with an adorable reindeer or snowman. It's a subtle but fun way to bring the season to your office desk.

    23. A Christmas sweater that'll tempt any Star Wars fans to come to the jolly side this holiday season. It's made with a blend of cotton and polyester that feels soft and breathable. The force is strong with this one!

    24. And finally, a Christmas sweater that'll remind everyone what we're REALLY celebrating this holiday season. There are little LED lights embedded in the sweater, and it comes with a compact battery pack that you can tuck into a little pocket at the edge of the sweater.

    You're going to light up the room with your holiday cheer:

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