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    21 Cute Things You'll Actually Want To Wear To Your Next Holiday Party

    Earrings, dresses, hair clips, and more!

    1. A vintage tea dress that'll make you feel like a modern and festive Marilyn Monroe. The full skirt will dance around your knees all night long, and the boatneck style of the neckline is the perfect frame for a statement necklace!

    2. A pair of beautiful tassel earrings that'll look like mini Christmas trees hanging from your ears. They are surprisingly lightweight, and they'll add a little drama to your look.

    3. An adorable velvet skirt you'll want to take all the mirror selfies in. The velvet material and deep burgundy colour practically scream holiday, and the skirt is so comfortable, you'll have no problem wearing all day and night!

    4. A pair of cute strappy heels that will take you to new heights ⁠— literally! You'll feel both stylish and comfortable in this chunky block heel while the wide adjustable strap helps secure and protect your ankles.

    5. A retro swing dress that is so cute, it'll make you want to twist and shout. The bow belt gives it that classic vintage vibe you can't go wrong with, and the teeny tiny shoulder bows add to its romantic charm.

    6. Hair accessories have been very popular this year, especially these large faux pearl hair clips. They are the perfect accessories to elevate your hairstyle for a holiday party, and they cost less than six dollars!

    7. A beautiful cocktail dress with an eye-catching lace overlay on the bodice, an elasticized waistband, and a flowy pleated skirt that'll make you want to dance the night away.

    8. A pair of opaque nylon tights that won't run or roll every time you move. They're super stretchy and durable, and have a mid-rise waistband that won't dig into your sides as the night goes on.

    9. A cropped knit cardigan, if you have a sleeveless top or dress you want to wear, but don’t want to worry about getting cold. It's thick enough to keep you warm, but thin enough that it won't take away from the style and silhouette of your holiday outfit.

    10. A flowy long-sleeved dress that'll make you feel dressed up without sacrificing your comfort. The scoop neck doesn't dip too low, but it's still low enough to show off a cute necklace or scarf.

    11. A shiny leather belt that looks a lot like a certain designer belt, IYKWIM. This affordable dupe has two eye-catching gold rings that'll upgrade any outfit.

    12. A floral lace cocktail dress, if you're going to an extra-fancy holiday event. The lace bodice is absolutely stunning, with a scoop neckline in the front and a little dip in the back — FYI, it's high enough to cover your bra.

    13. A beautiful blouse that has a flowy, lightweight feel and a dramatic split on the sleeves! You'll feel elegant AF in airy chiffon top, and you can easily style it with a skirt or pair of dressy pants.

    14. A pair of rose gold leaf earrings that are sure to charm anyone who sees them. You can wear the stud by itself for a minimalist look, or add the ear jacket for some extra-sparkly pizzazz!

    15. A long-sleeved dress, if you're not into too much glitz. It has an elegant design, and is made of cotton with some Spandex blended in, making it both stretchy and breathable.

    16. A pair of faux leather leggings that will instantly turn you into Sandy Olsson from Grease for the night. They have a high rise, so they won’t slide down as the night goes on, and they're super comfortable, so you'll have no problem breaking out into song if the occasion presents itself.

    17. A pack of acrylic hair clips that have a truly vintage aesthetic, and a beautiful tortoise print. They're made with acrylic resin, so they're extra durable, and they'll add a little pop of colour to your holiday outfit.

    18. A pack of bestselling crew socks that'll add a burst of holiday cheer to any neutral or monochrome outfit. They're made with a blend of cotton, nylon, and Spandex, so they're stretchy, breathable, and oh-so-comfy.

    19. A sequined bomber jacket that's trendy and festive at the same time. It screams "holiday party" without being semi-formal. You'll find yourself reaching for it every time you hit the town, all year round!

    20. A pair of cute suede booties that are a little dressier than the ones you normally wear to work. The heel is less than three inches, which is tall enough to give you some extra height, but short enough that you still feel super comfortable wearing them all night.

    21. And finally, a not-so-ugly Christmas sweater, for if you're attending a laidback office party at your workplace. You'll look appropriately festive without feeling like you're dressed to the nines for a low key office event.

    You walking into the holiday party like:

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