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    26 Products That'll Speak To You If You're A Twentysomething Grandma

    For anyone who is truly old at heart!

    1. A knitting set, because you either love to knit or have always wanted to learn. The kit comes with straight and circular needles that are made with lightweight bamboo wood, and a container with other knitting essentials like needle point protectors, fabric scissors, a stitch ripper, and more!

    2. A pack of reusable food bags to store your favourite munchies, because you're the type of person who can't leave the house without some — and, let's be honest, your friends depend on you to bring them now. These food bags are made of leak-proof silicone, so you can pack a selection of fruit, nuts, sandwiches and more without worrying about anything spilling in your bag.

    3. A crossbody bag that’s spacious enough to hold your essentials (like snacks), but also stylish. This bag is perfect because of its compact size, and still has a large inner compartment for all your accoutrements.

    4. A chunky knit cardigan you’ll want to layer over every outfit now that it’s cold outside. You already own quite a few cardigans, but you love having them in different colours, lengths, and knits. You didn’t choose the cardigan life, the cardigan life chose you!

    5. A set of super-cute enamel pins, because these are the modern-day version of brooches for the twentysomething grandma. They’ll brighten up your backpack or denim jacket, and showcase your love of plants, food, and anything cute!

    6. A pair of practical platform oxfords that are as comfortable as they are stylish, which are two things that are super important to you. These ones have a thick rubber sole to cushion your feet and are also water-resistant, so they can handle a bit of water.

    7. A mega-cute graphic tee that'll let everyone know you've got plans this weekend and EVERY weekend! Let’s face it: You like spending your nights indoors, and the only thing that’ll keep you up past ten is a very good book.

    8. A set of whimsical fairy string lights that'll emit a warm glow, creating the perfect mood for your evening indoors. The lights come with a special remote to turn them on and off. You can also set them on a timer, so you can fall asleep without worry about wasting the battery.

    9. A wooden page holder that'll help you hold your book open, because book-induced hand cramps are a thing! Now you can comfortably read your book with one hand for a really long time without it getting sore. Enjoy!

    10. A travel-friendly Kindle that'll let you carry your impressive library collection with you at all times. Even though you really like reading a print book, you're willing to admit the benefits of a Kindle. It comes with extra storage and has a long-lasting battery, so you can read whatever you want with the touch of a button!

    11. A KitchenAid stand mixer, because you love watching baking shows, and know that the KitchenAid is the holy grail of cooking appliances. It comes with a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip to do all the heavy lifting, that'll make you feel like Martha Stewart in the kitchen.

    12. A fun cookbook that'll inspire you to make all those recipes you've been watching your favourite celebrity chefs make on TV! This cookbook has over a 100 tasty recipes by Mary Berg, the winner of MasterChef Canada and host of Mary's Kitchen Crush. Reviewers loved how easy the recipes were to follow, especially for the amateur cook.

    13. An old-fashioned mason jar that separates into four differently-sized measuring cups. I know, ~mind blown!~ They’re perfect for anyone who loves shopping secondhand and collecting things that have a vintage aesthetic.

    14. A cute cat mug, because you have a not-so-secret obsession with cats, and look for every opportunity to showcase it. This mug radiates Caturday vibes every time you take a sip, and it comes with a small kitty-shaped spoon to stir your coffee. It’s basically purrrrfect!

    15. A set of adorable pyjamas you'll love wearing when you're home, which is pretty much every night, TBH. These PJs are super cute with the fun piping detail, and the bottoms have an adjustable drawstring, and come in a short or pant style.

    16. An ultra-plushy fleece blanket, so you can assume your true identity as a human burrito as you watch Grace & Frankie on Netflix. The blanket is made with a microfibre material that’s machine washable, quick to dry, and wrinkle resistant. It's also incredibly soft and so warm you'll never want to take it off.

    17. A pair of fluffy suede slippers that'll feel like you're walking on air. Every twentysomething grandma needs a pair of sensible house slippers they can come home to, and these ones are not only super cute, but super comfortable too. They're lined with extra-cushy memory foam and soft faux fur to keep your feet feeling cozy AF!

    18. A large ceramic mug with a removable stainless steel infuser that'll brew a fresh and flavourful cup of tea for you to enjoy at home or work. You firmly believe tea is the elixir of life, and this mug comes with a lid that'll seal in heat to keep your drink warm for longer.

    19. A set of beautifully-illustrated thank you cards, because you appreciate sending a handwritten letter over an email or a text message. Each card is designed and printed in Canada, with two blank pages for you to fill with your kind words.

    20. A vintage wax seal stamp kit that'll give your next letter an extra-personal touch. It's easy to use, and you can customize the seal design by choosing whatever letter (A-Z) to put at the bottom!

    21. A bestselling adult colouring book that’ll make you want to cancel your non-existent plans for a night of colouring! It’s filled with a bunch funny and sassy quotes that you’ve definitely said before, and colouring them in will help relax you. Each pattern is printed on a single side of thick card stock paper, so the colours won’t bleed through to the other side.

    22. A pack of extra-hydrating sheet masks you'll want around for your next spa day. Sheet masks are your kryptonite, and you'll love that each of these has a special ingredient to treat different skin types, including green tea for oily skin and chamomile for sensitive skin. Also, each mask is equal to half a bottle of serum that'll quench your #thirsty skin.

    23. A bamboo bathroom tray that'll make your next bath feel extra luxurious. You love having a nice, long bath, and this tray will allow you to keep all your creature comforts close by. It has a waterproof cloth stand to prop up your book, tablet, or eReader, and two built-in cup holders for a wine glass, coffee mug, or small candle.

    24. A set of extra-fizzy bath bombs, because you know no bath is complete without them. They'll fill your tub with blend of essential oils to relieve stress and olive oil to keep skin soft and moisturized. The bath bombs are colourful, but they won't leave stains on your tub. Just pop one in the water, sit back, and relax!

    25. An eco-friendly soy candle that'll burn as slowly as the steamy romance novel you're currently reading. Reviewers loved the minimalist packaging and the intoxicating scent of wild lemongrass. It's strong enough to soothe your senses without being too overpowering.

    26. And finally, this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning the girl who made being a twentysomething grandma so cool, Lara Jean from To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Her favourite things to do are bake, read, scrapbook, stay in with her sisters to watch ’80s rom coms, and shop for the best vintage clothing — that’s you to a tee! If you haven’t read the book series yet, you really, really should.

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