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    34 "Shark Tank" Products You'll Want To Try Because They're Actually Genius

    I'm pretty sure your new favourite product is in this list.

    1. A pair of Saucemoto dip clips that you can use to dunk your chicken nuggets in your sweet and sour sauce without making a mess. They have flexible silicone clips that you can attach to any vent, and grooves along the inner edge that'll fit packets of different shapes and sizes.

    A person dunking a chicken nugget into a dip clip attached to a car vent

    2. A tube of Wunder2 brow gel that'll give you brows as full and fluffy as Cara Delevingne's. It has a double-ended brush that'll help you fill and shape your brows and the formula is completely waterproof, so you won't smudge, transfer, or sweat it off during the day.

    A person holding a tube of brow gel in one hand and a small makeup brush in the other

    3. An eco-friendly notebook that you can scan using the Rocketbook app to create digital copies of all your notes. The paper is reusable, so once you're finished with your notes, just wipe the paper with a damp cloth to erase everything.

    A person holding the book in front of a bookshelf and plants

    4. A pack of tiny reusable sponges that'll give your favourite footwear new life. They just need a bit of water to wipe away the scuffs and dirt on your sneakers — no scrubbing or cleaning solution necessary.

    A couple of sponges on the ground next to a person wearing shoes

    5. A tube of body butter from 54 thrones that's so rich and moisturizing, you'll only need to apply it once. It's packed with shea butter, jojoba oil, and baobab oil that'll help nourish your dry bod and protect your skin barrier.

    A person applying body butter to their hand

    6. A flexible silicone ring for the person who always loses, scratches, or tarnishes their jewellery. It's extremely durable and you can wear it while you’re doing just about just about anything (like working out, gardening, or swimming).

    A person wearing two small silicone rings on their ring finger

    7. A tube of Grip Clean hand wash that'll work as hard as you do. It uses natural ingredients like bentonite clay to remove grease, oil, metal, lead, and ink from your hands. And it's packed with coconut oil and olive oil to add moisture back into your skin.

    A person squeezing hand wash out of a tube on their dirty hands

    8. A Squatty Potty that'll make it WAY easier to poop. The stool will help you into a comfortable squatting position, which is supposed to be better for your body than sitting. Reviewers say it helps reduce the amount of time they spend in the bathroom.

    A person sitting on a toilet with a small stool under their feet

    9. A pouch of Instafire that'll make starting a campfire as easy as lighting a match. It'll work on wet wood, even when it's rainy, snowy, or windy outside. Plus, it's made with natural materials like recycled wood, volcanic rock, and a paraffin wax that'll become an eco-friendly fertilizer once it turns to ash.

    Five people sitting in front of a fire pit roasting marshmallows

    10. A pack of Bottle Bright cleaning tablets that'll clean your coffee mug or water bottle in no time flat. They eliminate lingering odours and stains inside your bottle and come in a tiny, travel-friendly package, so you can take them with you anywhere.

    A person dropping a small cleaning tablet into their travel coffee mug

    11. A stick of Nerdwax that'll create a grippy layer on your nose and keep your glasses perched up on your face instead of slipping off every three seconds.

    12. A pair of Vibes ear plugs that'll reduce loud and distracting noises around you without completely cancelling them out. They're made of soft and flexible silicone that'll fit themselves to your ears and will still feel comfortable after an extended period of time.

    A person wearing tiny ear plugs in their ears

    13. A serum by Glow Recipe that'll help banish your dark spots once and for all. It's made with vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin E, and peptides to help reduce discolouration.

    A small bottom of serum on top of a pile of sliced guavas

    14. A Scrub Daddy sponge that's made with a special foam material that'll turn soft when you use warm water and become firm when you use cool water. It'll clean stubborn dirt and grease stains from your dishes, counters, and tables, and it won't get that mouldy odour, even after weeks of using it.

    A small circular sponge placed in a dirty ceramic tray

    15. A 2-in-1 placemat and plate that'll stick to any table or highchair tray and keep your baby from knocking everything over. It's divided into three sections that'll help you create perfect portion sizes for your little one, and it's small enough that you can store in your cupboard or drawer when you're not using it.

    A child sitting a table with a 2-in-1 silicone plate and placemat stuck to the tray

    16. A bottle of Better Life all-purpose cleaner that'll make any surface stain a thing of the past. You can use it on anything from floors and countertops to toilets and sporting equipment. The formula is non-toxic, so it's safe to use on your kid's toys, and it'll leave behind the light, fruity scent of pomegranates.

    A person spraying the window ledge and baseboards with an all purpose cleaning solution

    17. A beard bib that'll collect all your hair trimmings and make cleanup an absolute breeze. The ends stick to the mirror with the suction cups and has a built-in tray to hold your grooming tools. Say goodbye to all those annoying little hairs around your sink and toothbrushes!

    A person shaving their beard while wearing a large bib with the ends attached to the mirror

    18. A food storage bag that you'll be able to use over and over again. It has an airtight seal, so it won't leak, making it great for stashing all types of munchies, from chips to carrot sticks.

    19. A sweatproof T-shirt that'll keep you cool, calm, and collected in any situation. It's made of bamboo rayon and Spandex, making it soft, stretchy, and breathable. The underarms are lined with an absorbent padded material that'll keep sweat from leaking through.

    A person wearing a slim fitting T-shirt and jeans

    20. A silicone guard that'll prevent spills and oil splatters when you're cooking in an uncovered pan. Reviewers love that they can make messy foods like bacon, pasta sauce, and stir fry, without worrying about cleaning up grease and oil from their stovetop afterward.

    A small pot with a round silicone splatter guard resting on top

    21. A Drop Stop seat gap filler that'll save you from losing small items (like your phone) between your seat and the console. It has a tiny opening at one end for your seat belt buckle, and it'll fit so seamlessly, you won't even notice it's there.

    A long fabric block placed between a car seat and the console with fries, coins, and a phone on top of it

    22. A belt buckle release tool that'll get your little one out of their car seat in literal seconds. Now you can unbuckle your tot without breaking your precious nails or use it to teach you mini me how to do it themselves.

    A person using a small squeeze tool to unbuckle their kid in a car seat

    23. A Guzzle Buddy cup that'll transform a bottle of wine or beer into a gigantic glass for you (and you alone) to enjoy. It's made with a flexible copolyester material that won't crack or break, and it has a silicone stem that'll fit into most bottles.

    A person holding a bottle of wine with a small cup attached to the top

    24. A Michel Mercier hair brush with flexible bristles that'll glide through your tangled tresses without pulling or breaking them. It's designed to work on wet and dry hair, and it comes in three versions for thin, normal, and thick hair.

    A hair brush on a folded towel

    25. A pair of Safe Grabs silicone mats that'll become the most useful tool in your kitchen. You can use it as a splatter guard, mat in the microwave, a pot holder, a trivet, a spoon rest, or even a jar opener.

    26. A set of Spatty Daddy mini spatulas that'll help you get the last bit of food out of the container. The flexible silicone head and long, narrow handle can fit into any jar or bottle. And when the containers are cleaned out, they'll be in the perfect condition to be recycled.

    A person reaching into a container of honey with a mini spatula

    27. A light therapy lamp that'll mimic sunlight and help boost your energy, mood, and focus. It's the perfect gadget for anyone who work long shifts indoors and doesn't get enough natural sunlight during the day.

    A person standing behind a table with a square shaped light therapy lamp in front of her

    28. A pack of GoodHangups magnets that you can use hang artwork, pictures, and other wall art, without damaging your walls like a traditional hook. The little stickers will adhere to any surface, so you'll have the freedom to place your art anywhere in your home.

    29. A cleaning starter kit from Blueland that'll replace all your single-use bottles with more sustainable versions. It comes with three reusable spray bottles (a multipurpose, bathroom, and glass cleaner) and a soap bottle that'll use water and a tablet to make a cleaning solution.

    Four bottles of cleaning solution in a row next to a bathtub full of water with bubbles

    30. A Flip-It bottle-emptying kit that'll drain every ounce of ketchup, hot sauce, or other condiment out of the container. It fits most screw-top bottles, so you can even use it to transfer your beauty products (like shampoo and conditioner) from one bottle to the other.

    A before image of bottle of barbeque sauce with the sauce at the bottom of the container and an after image of the bottle placed upside down on a three-legged stand with the sauce at the top

    31. An oversized sweatshirt called The Comfy that's basically the love child of a blanket and a hoodie. It combines the best of both worlds: the perfect fit of an oversized sweater and the comforting weight of a fluffy blanket.

    A person wearing an oversized hoodie

    32. A microwavable ramen cooker that'll make a bowl of tasty noodles in just three minutes. It's perfect for the times you don't have access to a stovetop, and you'll never have to clean an extra pot can because you can eat straight out of the container.

    A rectangular container filled with ramen on a table

    33. A glasses holder that'll keep you from dropping and losing your specs when you're not wearing them. It has a magnetic backplate, so you can attach it to anything you're wearing.

    A pair of glasses hanging from a clip attached to a person's button up shirt

    34. And finally, a giant bean bag chair that'll become the coziest piece of furniture in your house. It has a plush microfibre cover, and it unfolds into a thick full or Queen-sized foam mattress that'll come in handy one the nights you have guests over.

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