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    25 Things That’ll Help You Organize All Your Beauty Products

    You'll want to take a beauty shelfie or two.

    1. An acrylic organizer that'll display all your beauty products and keep them neat and tidy, too. It has different compartments that'll hold anything from lipstick and brushes to compacts and palettes, and you can keep the tray and drawers separate or stack them together.

    2. A ceramic wall hook that'll give you a place to keep all your hair clips. It'll add a cute and quirky detail to your walls and you'll never lose track of your hair clips again.

    3. A set of glass jars that'll store small items like cotton rounds, cotton swabs, or hair ties and keep your counters looking clean and tidy. They come with a cork tray that'll keep them grouped together and lids that'll protect them from water or dust.

    4. A lipstick holder that'll keep your favourite lip products within reach. There are slots for larger items (like lipstick and lip gloss) and smaller slots in the centre (for lip liners and brushes).

    5. A floating shelf that'll help you utilize extra wall space if you don't have room for a traditional shelf. You can install it pretty much anywhere to store essentials or display your favourite skincare items.

    6. A metal hair tool organizer that'll keep all your styling tools in the same place. It has three pockets that'll fit any hair tool, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can keep it on your counter or dresser for easy access.

    7. Or an over-the-door blow dryer caddy that'll hold your hot hairstyling tools, so you don't have to wait for them to cool down. It fits over the door of your bathroom cupboard, making it easier to use and store your favourite hair tools.

    8. A beautiful tray that is as stylish as it is multifunctional. You can use it to display your favourite beauty products, as well as other small objects like jewelry.

    9. A two-bin shower caddy that'll make it easy to carry products between your bedroom and bathroom. Each bin is divided into smaller sections to keep your items organized, and it has sturdy top handle that is also extendable.

    10. Or a utility cart that'll hold all your beauty products, even those super-tall bottles of hairspray and conditioner that you can't seem to fit anywhere else. It has three deep shelves and a compact size that'll fit in small spaces. Plus, it comes with a set of wheels, so you can move from room to room.

    11. A spacious storage box that’ll unfold like a Russian doll. There are two inserts with multiple sections and a removable compact mirror inside. It'll store as one full unit, making it a great makeup case to travel with.

    12. A drawer organizer that'll transform your bathroom drawer into an orderly oasis for all your beauty products. The compartments come in different shapes and sizes to organize anything from lipstick and brushes to palettes and jars.

    13. A beauty fridge that'll store all your favourite skincare products and minimize the amount of space your beauty products take up on your dresser or vanity. Plus, now that it's warmer outside, it'll feel like an absolute dream to use a cold facial roller or sheet masks on your face.

    14. A two-tiered tray that'll double your storage capacity without taking up extra space. You can stash products on both levels and arrange them all in a neat and orderly fashion.

    15. A transparent shower curtain with seven mesh pockets for all your small bathroom items like soap bars, loofas, and razors. It's a great way to free up space on your shower caddy or bathroom counter!

    16. A transparent storage box that'll keep all your beauty items in plain sight. It comes with a lid, making it easy to stack and store. Or you can use the lids as an extra tray to display products on your counter or dresser.

    17. A heat-resistant pouch that'll give you a place to rest your hairstyling tools, so you don't burn your counter or other surfaces. It's made of flexible silicone and has raised ridges to prevent tools from slipping.

    18. A beauty organizer that'll organize your toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste. Or you can use it to organize the growing collection of makeup brushes you actually use AND the brushes you have just ’cause they’re cute.

    19. A two-tiered shelf that'll fit perfectly over your toilet to save space and make more room to store your beauty products. It doesn’t take up a lot of floor space (so it’s great for small bathrooms!) and reviewers say it's incredibly sturdy.

    20. A glass cup that'll showcase your holy grail beauty products. It'll hold a few small items like concealer and lipstick, and it'll add a vintage charm to your bedroom with its tinted glass and etched details.

    21. Or this makeup brush holder, if you like a more clean and minimalist aesthetic. It's made of a sturdy ceramic material with a shiny glazed finish, and it's the perfect size for your makeup brushes.

    22. And an electronic brush cleaner that'll motivate you to wash your brushes before you put them away. The spinning wand will clean and dry ALL of them in less than 15 minutes and comes with eight attachments that'll fit a variety of different makeup brushes.

    23. An over-the-door rack that’ll give you space to hang a few clothing items — AND it has a small shelf to store some beauty products, too. The 2-in-1 design will help you maximize space in your bedroom or bathroom if you don't have room on your counter or dresser.

    24. A shower caddy that's made of rust-proof silicone, so the shelves will stretch to fit all your bathroom products. It has two sturdy mounting hooks that can hang on your shower head or curtain rod, and it has four small hooks on the sides to hang small items like a bath sponge.

    25. And finally, an acrylic organizer with a beautiful dried flower design on the top. It might look tiny, but it has three spacious drawers to hold your random beauty items like lipstick and makeup sponges. Plus, it's super sturdy, so you can always stack things on top!

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