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    38 Home Decor Products That'll Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

    These products will put a spring in your step.

    1. A colour-changing cinema lightbox that you can use as stylish piece of home decor or as an Insta-worthy prop in your next social media photo session. It comes with 100 letters and includes built-in letter storage in the back of the light box.

    2. A ceramic planter that’ll make any plant look ten times more stylish. You can also use it to store office supplies and display a pair of glasses using the two grooves in the front.

    3. A neon light sign that'll add a colourful glow to your room. It comes with a base and it's completely cordless, so you're free to place it anywhere you'd like.

    4. A round throw pillow that is super cute and looks more expensive than it actually is. It’ll add a nice pop of colour to your bedroom decor — it practically screams spring.

    5. A storage case that'll help you store all your clothes and linens on the off season. It'll will protect your clothes from dust and won't take up a lot of room under your bed. Now you don't have to worry about where to store your coats and blankets during the warmer months!

    6. A fun wall decal that'll create the perfect accent wall in your bedroom, especially if you love to travel. It takes up virtually no space and is super easy to apply and remove.

    7. A faux fur mat that is soft, fluffy, and too cute for words. You can use it as an area rug near your bed, so you wake up to a little love every morning.

    8. A durable garment rack that'll create more space for all your clothes if you don't have a big closet. You can adjust it to six different heights, and it has a small shelf at the bottom to keep shoes or storage boxes.

    9. And a pack of sleek velvet hangers that'll hang every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. The velvet coating makes them non-slip, so your tank tops and wide-necked shirts won't fall off.

    10. A roll of removable wallpaper that'll update your walls with a pretty floral print. It has a minimalist design that won't overwhelm your space, and the wallpaper is self adhesive, so you can easily take it down whenever you're ready.

    11. A grid panel that'll turn your wall into a DIY bulletin board, so you can hang up pictures, cards, and other knickknacks. Plus, it comes with a set of clips, so you can hang things up right away.

    12. A small shelf, so you can display all your favourite photos, art prints, and small knickknacks on your walls. The ledge is shallow enough to keep your pictures at the perfect angle, but it's also large enough to fit small plants or dishes, too.

    13. A lush vine with flowers that'll transform your bedroom into the Garden of Eden. It's a great way to add some greenery to your room and they look so real, no one will think they're plastic.

    14. A sheet set that'll replace the plain white ones you're currently using. They're made with a blend of cotton and polyester and have a fun and fruity print you'll a-peach-iate.

    15. A shoe rack that'll store and display your growing footwear collection. The rack is super easy to assemble, and the frame is sturdy enough that you can stack multiple racks on top of each other.

    16. An art print that'll jazz up your walls with some much-needed greenery. It's printed on acid-free paper and has a minimalist aesthetic that'll complement anyone's interior design style.

    17. A wire basket that'll give you a place to store a bunch of random objects in your room, but still look stylish. It's made of super durable metal, and has a pretty rose gold finish that'll add a modern twist the industrial mesh design.

    18. A drawer organizer that'll transform your junk drawer into an orderly oasis for all your household knickknacks. It has three large compartments to organize your things and a tiny tray that sits on top.

    19. A trinket dish that'll hold all your small accessories and add a little cattitude to your decor. You can stack your rings on the kitty's tail and keep your earrings in the tray.

    20. A body pillow that'll replace all the other pillows on your bed. The curved shape is perfect for snuggling and will support the natural line of your neck, stomach, and hips. Plus, its polyester filling is super soft and will bounce back without hesitation, making it the perfect sleeping companion.

    21. An invisible bookshelf that you can put anywhere in your bedroom. The L-shaped shelf is easy to install and helps you utilize extra wall space if you don't have room for a traditional bookshelf.

    22. A wooden clip that is the perfect size for your instant photos. You can use it as a holder on your desk or mount it on the wall like a hook.

    23. A nifty clothes folder that'll turn you into an expert laundry folder. It can be adjusted to accommodate thicker pieces like sweaters, and will help you fold perfectly neat stacks that'll keep your closets and drawers looking super orderly.

    24. A felt storage caddy that'll help declutter your nightstand and organize all the small items you keep around your bed. It has four spacious compartments, along with a small opening in the bottom corners to fit a charging cable.

    25. A small mirror that'll brighten up your walls like a shining star. The frame is made of rattan wood and woven into a beautiful sun shape that's equal parts rustic and chic.

    26. A throw blanket that is anything but plain. The cute pom poms and tassel trim will add a bohemian chic aesthetic to your bedspread, and it's made with 100% cotton, so it's super soft. Your bed will look so pretty, you'll want to upload a pic to Pinterest.

    27. A compact side table that you can place next to your bed and use as a nightstand. It's incredibly lightweight, so you can move it to other spaces in your room and the top can double as a removable tray, if you ever want to treat yourself to breakfast in bed.

    28. Or a two-drawer dresser that can also double as a nightstand. It has a simple and minimalist design that'll fit in with any existing furniture. And reviewers say it offers a lot of extra storage without taking up a lot space in their room.

    29. A foam mattress that'll help you fall asleep faster than Goldilocks in someone else's bed. It'll help support every inch of your body, and it has special comfort zones to take pressure off your shoulders and hips.

    30. Or a memory foam mattress topper that'll restore your current mattress to its former glory. It has three inches of ultra-cushy foam that'll conform to the shape of your body, so you'll have a restful and healthy sleep every night.

    31. A beautiful tray that is as stylish as it is multifunctional. You can use it to display jewelry or organize your beauty products and other small objects.

    32. A small botanical candle that'll help you relax by filling your space with a woodsy blend of wild moss, vetiver, wild orchid, and patchouli. Plus, it comes in a glass jar that you can reuse once you've finished burning it.

    33. A fabric wall hook that'll add a cute and quirky detail to your walls. You can use them literally anywhere in your room to help organize small items like jewelry or scarves.

    34. An adorable duvet set that you'll be really glad you pricked. The cactus print looks super minimalist but the metallic gold colour adds a nice contrast to the ivory-coloured bedsheets.

    35. A beauty fridge that'll store all your favourite skincare products and minimize the amount of space your beauty products take up on your dresser or vanity. Plus, now that it's warmer outside, it'll feel like an absolute dream to use a cold facial roller or sheet masks on your face.

    36. A galactic night light that is so cool, it's practically out of this world. It'll brighten up your walls when it's turned on and look like piece of wall art when it's not.

    37. A cool hammock shelf that is so versatile, you can use it pretty much anywhere in your bedroom to keep all your small items organized. You can use it on your nightstand for your phone and glasses, or leave it on your desk or dresser to stash your accessories and mail.

    38. And finally, a set of unbelievably soft bedsheets you'll want to come home to every night. They're made of 100% jersey cotton, and will feel as comfy as your favourite T-shirt.

    You in your new bedroom:

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