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    23 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50 That Your Mom Will Actually Love

    Gifts don’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot.

    1. A mini French press that'll make them actually want to get up in the morning. They can brew a cup of coffee in only four minutes. All they have to do is add their coffee grinds and hot water to the jug, wait four minutes, and slowly push down on the plunger.

    2. A pyjama set they'll want to wear to bed every night. The jersey material is soft and breathable, and the pants have an elasticized waistband, making them super comfortable.

    3. A jewelry organizer that's perfect for anyone with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. It has tons of hidden compartments that'll store their most precious baubles, without taking up too much space on their counter or dresser.

    4. A sleek faux leather purse with just enough space for their cards, money, and cell phone. It has a gold chain shoulder strap, making it the perfect hands-free bag.

    5. A pack of tiny sprout bookmarks that’ll root themselves between whatever page Mom left off at. The stem is long enough that it won’t fall out and lose their page, but they’re also thin enough they won’t ruin the integrity of the book’s spine.

    6. An ultra-plushy blanket they'll want to curl up with all the time. The soft sherpa material is incredibly soft and so warm, they'll never want to take it off.

    7. A sustainability kit for the mama who's trying to become more eco-conscious. It comes with a reusable nylon bag they can use for grocery shopping, a small silicone back they can use to store food, and two biodegradable bamboo straws that'll replace the plastic ones they usually use.

    8. A sunrise alarm clock with a warm light that gets brighter and brighter before their alarm goes off. The light mimics the sunrise, making it easier for them to wake up more naturally every morning.

    9. A maxi dress that has a flowy, lightweight feel and a dramatic split on the sides. It's both elegant and simple, making it the perfect dress for any occasion.

    10. A tiny vase that'll make their plant look like it's a growing science experiment. It's the perfect size for a small plant or cutting that they're trying to grow.

    11. A large woven basket that'll store and organize extra items in their living room when they're not using them. It's super cute and incredibly portable, so they can use it to carry bulky or multiple items to other rooms in their house.

    12. An art print that'll jazz up their walls with some much-needed greenery. It's printed on acid-free paper and has a minimalist aesthetic that'll complement anyone's interior design style.

    13. A ceramic trinket dish that'll hold all their small jewels like rings and earrings. Or they can keep it by the front door as a place to stash their keys, so they never forget where they are.

    14. A beautiful vase that looks like it's ceramic, but is actually made out of water-resistant paper! It has a beautiful and modern print and will add an artsy vibe to their home decor.

    15. A ceramic teapot that'll hold a fresh and flavourful batch of tea for them to enjoy. It's embellished with a bright floral print that'll remind them of spring, and has a kitty-shaped handle that'll add an extra touch of cattitude to their kitchen decor.

    16. A tech organizer that'll store all their charging cords and headphones, so their desk or nightstand is a tidy, stress-free zone. It has three compartments to fit all their cords and and will keep them out of sight, which is especially important if they have kids or pets.

    17. A wooden bath tray that'll make their next bath feel extra luxurious. It'll keep all their creature comforts close by with a wire stand that'll prop up their book, tablet, or eReader, and a built-in cup holder for a wine glass, coffee mug, or small candle.

    18. A set of flower-shaped candles that'll turn their bathtub into a peaceful garden. They'll float in the tub and add a little mood lighting while your mom takes a relaxing bath.

    19. A slim container that'll keep their herbs fresh for up to three weeks. It has a refillable well at the bottom that'll keep the stems hydrated, so the herbs don't dry out.

    20. A label maker that'll fit into the palm of their hand and help them organize all the jars and containers in their kitchen and pantry. It'll only take a few minutes to create a label and it prints any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

    21. A diffuser that'll fill their space with moisture and whatever essential oil they choose. It'll last up to seven hours on a full tank of water.

    22. A book light that is perfect for night readers. It provides enough light for them to read, but won't disturb the people around them. It has an adjustable clip that attaches right to their book, and a flexible neck to accommodate books of all sizes and shapes.

    23. And finally, a jewelry stand that'll show off their accessories in a super artsy and minimalist way. There are three stand to hold their necklaces and bracelets, as well as a small tray at the base to hold rings and earrings.

    You when your mom opens their gift:

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