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    21 Things You Definitely Need For Your First Grown-Up Apartment

    Command hooks, towels, utensils, and more!

    1. A set of heat-resistant cooking tools that even Julia Child would approve of.

    2. A fully-equipped tool kit because you can’t fix everything with just a hammer and an Allen key.

    3. A minimalist comforter and bedsheet set that'll create a complete and polished look for your bedroom.

    4. A set of towels for the bathroom that are all the same colour, so you’re not using the same old, ratty towel for everything.

    5. A set of fancy wine glasses, because after a day of adulting you deserve a glass or two.

    6. A few boxes of tissue paper and toilet paper, because apparently they don’t just come with the apartment. I know! I couldn’t believe it, either.

    7. A 20-piece set of heavy-duty flatware that will last forever and a six-compartment tray to put them in.

    8. A roll of marble-printed contact paper that'll update your countertops and furniture on the cheap. The self-adhesive will stick without ruining the integrity of the surface it's covering. It's also waterproof, making it a perfect fix for kitchen countertops and tables.

    9. A collapsible colander that will stand the test of time — and save you storage space, too.

    10. A non-stick cookware set for all those fancy meals you plan on cooking, like grilled cheese and scrambled eggs.

    11. A pack of super-handy command hooks and refill strips to hang up all your wall decor without worrying about permanent damage.

    12. An Instant Pot that combines nine different kitchen appliances, making it a great kitchen tool in small spaces.

    13. A set of glass food containers to meal prep or store leftovers. The four-latch lid ensures an airtight seal and makes opening and closing the container super easy.

    14. A rustproof shower caddy with four side hooks to store loofahs and razors that'll accommodate even the bulkiest shampoo and conditioner bottles with its super-wide shelf space.

    15. A handheld steamer that heats up quickly to rid your clothes of wrinkles fast. It's small enough to travel with and can be used on other fabrics in the house like curtains or couches. It even has an automatic shut off feature when the steamer gets too hot or runs out of water.

    16. A set of measuring cups and spoons that will support you in any and every baking endeavour.

    17. A sturdy toothbrush holder that is simple in design and super easy to clean.

    18. A drain protector that’ll catch all those stray hairs going down the drain, so you don’t have to deal with a gross, clogged drain later on.

    19. A silicone strainer for the kitchen sink to catch food waste. The silicone strainer works like a mini colander for your kitchen sink! No more losing chunks of food down the pipes.

    20. A narrow-but-extra-long power bar that can reach any spot in your apartment without looking clunky or out of place.

    21. And lastly, a first aid kit for those everyday accidents and emergencies.

    Congratulations on your new apartment! And just remember: