What Do You Miss Most About The ’90s?

Flannel shirts, Tamagotchis, and Luke Perry. BRING US BACK.

1. The ’90s was basically the flyest decade ever.

2. It was filled with so many great things you wish you could relive, like Surge and Oreo O’s…


3. And amazing musical groups, like Nirvana and TLC…

DGC Records / hercampus.com

Arista Records / ultimate-tlc.com


4. Major heartthrobs, like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Alicia Silverstone…

Buena Vista Pictures / teenidols4you.com

Paramount Pictures / hotflick.net


5. And games you’d spend all of your time with, like Tamagotchis and the Super Soaker 50.


6. Everything in the ’90s was the best, and you wish you could go back in time for just one day.

NBC / Via imgfave.com

7. Even if it means wearing all that denim and flannel.

Paramount Pictures / Via firebugbar.net

8. So tell us, what do you miss most about the ’90s? Share with us below!

Awards and badges will be given to the most nostalgic submissions.

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