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    23 Greatest Thanksgiving Moments From "Friends"

    "More turkey, Mr. Chandler?"

    1. When everyone spent their first Thanksgiving together eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

    2. When Rachel stuck marshmallows up Monica's nose after she was told to put them in concentric circles.

    3. When Joey wore Phoebe's maternity pants to give him enough breathing room for feasting.

    4. When the gang played a more entertaining and intense game of football than an actual NFL game.

    And when the Gellers' relentless, competitive nature came through.

    5. When Joey put a turkey on his head to scare Chandler, and it got stuck.

    6. When Chandler proved his friendship to Joey by spending Thanksgiving in a box.

    7. When Monica tried to seduce Chandler with carrots and knives...

    8. ...but accidentally dropped one of the knives and cut his toe.

    9. When Rachel screwed up the English Trifle by adding beef and peas from a Shepherd's pie.

    10. When Ross tried to name all 50 states from memory.

    11. And when Chandler fought with Joey over the Dutch girl.

    12. When Phoebe and Chandler pretended to be invested in a football game to avoid helping Monica in the kitchen.

    13. When Monica strongly encouraged everyone to delicately eat dinner, so as not to ruin her fancy wedding China.

    14. When the plates still broke, anyway.

    15. When Chandler's hatred for Thanksgiving NEVER got old.

    16. When they had random guests celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with them.

    Or when Richard's son came to visit.

    Or when Rachel's sister visited.

    17. And when Joey consumed an entire turkey by himself.

    18. When Phoebe had the best/worst Thanksgiving story... because she was a nurse during wartime... in 1862.

    19. When Monica put a turkey on her head and did this little dance for Chandler.

    20. When Monica's Type-A personality almost ruined Thanksgiving dinner.

    21. When everyone revealed embarrassing secrets to Mr. and Mrs. Geller.

    22. When Ross was genuinely angry because someone stole his moist-maker after Thanksgiving was over.

    23. And when the gang cared about each other's happiness, making sure everyone had a great holiday.

    Because even though it's a chaotic holiday...

    And things never turn out the way they're planned...

    There's absolutely nothing better than spending it with your friends.