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    Why Leslie Knope And Ann Perkins Are Pawnee's Ultimate Power Couple

    The greatest love affair Indiana has ever seen.

    1. Ann always gives Leslie wonderful advice.

    2. Leslie made Ann watch Harry Potter, which is the greatest basis for any relationship.

    3. Ann helps Leslie in her most anxious moments.

    4. Leslie made Ann this really cool calendar.

    5. They work together to accomplish great things, while wearing these awesome helmets.

    6. Leslie never hesitates to compliment Ann's beauty... ever.

    7. They have sweet snuggle time.

    8. Leslie makes powerpoints about her one true love.

    9. They enjoy pulling pranks on each other.

    10. If Leslie is in any kind of medical danger, Ann can nurse her back to health.

    11. Leslie organized a grand celebration for Ann's first day working at the Parks department...

    ...and Ann was right by Leslie's side when she won the race for city council.

    12. They sing "Lady Marmalade" when they're drunk.

    13. Ann never lets Leslie forget about her wonderful heart and super smart mind.

    14. The way they stare into each other's eyes is so damn genuine and beautiful.

    15. When Tom put all of Leslie's emails into a computer to calculate what's most important in her life, it turned out to be Pawnee, parks, and Ann.

    16. They know how to dance together... which is essential in any relationship.

    17. They also know how to have a good time...

    18. ...and look like bawses when doing so.

    19. Leslie doesn't hide her undying love for Ann in the public eye.

    20. Ann will defend Leslie if anyone ever bothers her.

    21. Leslie makes cute rhymes to reassure Ann just how important she is in her life.

    22. They depend on each other when they're involved in stressful situations.

    23. Leslie reminds Ann just how incredible their story is...

    24. ...Ann's first impression of Leslie was clearly love at first sight.

    Sure, their relationship might be frustrating at times...

    ...but that's normal when you're Pawnee's power couple.

    Ann would be silly to ever leave Leslie,

    and Leslie would never abandon her beautiful Ann.

    Because these two were made for each other, and they belong to nobody else.