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Tell Us Your Ideas For How You Would Fix Some Of The Worst TV Series Finales Of All Time

How I Met Your Mother fans, assemble!

There are a ton of TV series finales most folks believe are positively brilliant and get the job done, and then there are others that...well, just make people straight-up angry.

Rosa Diaz from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" making a confused face

Game of Thrones, anyone?

They don't totally satisfy the viewer, and even if the series as a whole is incredible, there are still some things you'd probably want to change about the final episode.

Will Smith standing alone in the living room in the series finale of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

So I want to ask you, dear reader: If you could rewrite any TV series finale, which one would it be?

Maybe instead of watching Rachel get off the plane to be with Ross in the Friends series finale, you wish she stayed on the plane. You would've loved to see her go to Paris and fulfill her lifelong dream career in fashion, with baby Emma by her side and the Central Perk crew visiting her for fun adventures.

Rachel entering Ross' apartment, saying: "I got off the plane"

Or perhaps you thought the ending to Supernatural was really, really disappointing after its 15-season run. According to this Reddit user, they believe, "It would have been nice to see John and Mary again in heaven with Dean, Sam, and Bobby instead of just saying they were right down the road. I feel like they rushed it."

Dean telling Sam he loves him in the series finale of "Supernatural"
The CW

Or maybe you thought it was pretty cool that the That '70s Show series finale ended on the last day of the '70s, but thought it was totally out of place to make Jackie and Fez a couple. Maybe it would've been nice for them to stay friends and have them grow even closer as they entered adulthood in the '80s (babysitting each other's kids, still joking around, and going clubbing like their disco days).


Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us which TV series finale you'd rewrite in a heartbeat (and don't be afraid to go into detail) in the comments below.


The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!