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    14 Restaurant Horror Stories That'll Make You Want To Order Takeout

    WHAT happened at Olive Garden?!

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the most awkward experiences they've had in a restaurant. Here are the cringeworthy results.

    1. Submitted by laureno470ef4971.

    I work in a restaurant, and one time a man as drunk as could be pulled down his pants in the middle of the bar and pooped on the floor. If that wasn't bad enough, the smell from the feces cleared out the entire bar — and guess who had to clean it up. But, it's a legend here that whenever your day is crappy, at least you're not cleaning up Mr. Walters' poop.

    2. Submitted by Arielle Calderon.

    I was at Denny's once, and our food took about 45 minutes to arrive (which is like, WTF for Denny's). I asked why it was taking forever, and the waiter said the cook cut off a part of his finger and he was trying to clean up.

    3. Submitted by Sarah Ruecker (Facebook).

    My husband and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant for dinner one night. This particular restaurant has the hollow-style seats. I had been letting out sneaker farts all day, so I figured: "What's one more little sneaker?" In this dead-silent restaurant, with a few other restaurantgoers, I let out a "sneaker fart" that turned out to be a full-blown one. My husband gasped, put his hand over his mouth, and pointed at me while saying, "IT WAS HER!!" He totally threw me under the bus!

    4. Submitted by Serena Mallavarapu (Facebook).

    This could only happen at Olive Garden. This guy proposed to his girlfriend, and when she rejected him, she proceeded to list all his faults, starting with, "How dare you propose to me in an Olive Garden!" all the way down to their sex life. I was 12 years old. The most awkward part was my dad's hysterical laughing.

    5. Submitted by John Cappello (Facebook).

    I used to serve and bartend at a Chili's in Florida. While cleaning one of my tables, I noticed something under the table. I grabbed a broom and dustpan, and when I swept it up, I noticed it was a thong. I don't think I cleaned a table as well as I cleaned that one (I even used bleach on the seats and table). My manager asked why I was cleaning so hard, and I told him to look in the trash in the kitchen. I heard him laughing from the dining room.

    6. Submitted by Randi O'Malley Smith (Facebook).

    One time I was at a Chinese restaurant with several friends, and we got two pupu platters. The waiter lit the sterno fuel before putting the dishes on the table, and lit the one closest to himself first. Then he leaned over to get the other one and predictably the sleeve of his jacket went up with a whoosh. Thankfully, because the jacket was made of flame-retardant material, it went out just as quickly. The weirdest thing is that I was the only person in the restaurant, including my friends at the same table, to have noticed this.

    7. Submitted by amybonny.

    At the breakfast restaurant I used to work at, we had a fast turnover and on weekends there were lines out of the door. Because of this, it was always a mad dash and a daily challenge when delivering food to the tables to carry as much as we possibly could. One morning, I was carrying an order and proceeded to drop a plate in my haste to get the food to the table hot. Not only did I throw eggs Benedict at the patron, but the plate shattered and sliced her foot open. I had to take her to the back, clean the hollandaise sauce out of the wound, and bandage it for her to stop the bleeding.

    8. Submitted by katem435afcb6b.

    Last night I went for a pizza with my husband here in Sant'Agata Bolognese. We had started eating and discussing our delicious pizzas when the lady sitting next to us started massaging the pinky finger of her date as if it were the head of his penis. Upon closer inspection, the lady was also missing teeth and took selfies between sucks and slipping her foot out of her sandal to massage the man's crotch with her toes — like no one would notice! It was seriously so awkward. We hightailed it out of there without dessert.

    9. Submitted by jrad8.

    A big group of us went out to eat before our senior prom. I never really had a date before that, so I was already awkward enough. The waiter came to refill my drink and proceeded to spill it all over my food and all over my lap and my prom dress. I didn't handle it well, and I had to go to the prom looking like I peed myself. Such a pleasant night.

    10. Submitted by Jessica Andersen (Facebook).

    One Friday night after a long week of school, my friends and I went to a restaurant down the street from our school. We initially started gorging on greasy food, but then we decided to order a few fishbowl drinks to release the stress we experienced that week. Well... I got pretty sloppy pretty quickly, and when the waiter came over to ask us if we wanted another drink order, I said: "No thanks, goldfish, but thanks for swimming on yonder." My friends just stared at me, and our waiter turned around and laughed his ass off. When I tried getting up from the table to apologize to him, I knocked over half of the last fishbowl we were working on. It used to be my favorite restaurant — now it's just a distant memory.

    11. Submitted by cailininchains.

    I used to work at a restaurant. One day I was covering a shift for someone else, and it was super busy, so I just threw my apron on and started running food to the bar. I had a steaming bowl full of very hot clam chowder in my hand, and when I went to serve it, I saw my ex-boyfriend. Not just any ex, mind you, but one who "ghosted" on me. I hadn't seen him for three years, so it startled me that he was sitting right there. I dropped the whole bowl of chowder on myself and ended up with second-degree burns on my legs and feet. Needless to say, I was very, very embarrassed!

    12. Submitted by KieshaK.

    I went to dinner with my husband to a Mexican restaurant we really enjoyed, and as we got up to pay at the register, I felt something hit me in the back and turned around to see a tin pie plate with remnants of whipped cream in it. Where was the rest of the whipped cream, you might ask? All down my back. The pie was apparently meant for the server who had just walked behind me, but the thrower missed. The couple ahead of us, who had just finished paying and were drunk, started laughing and were like: "Oh, it's Rosa's birthday, that pie was for her! You should be honored!" Meanwhile, the greasy whipped cream soaked in my shirt and nobody offered to do anything to help me. So, my husband turned to the cashier and said, "Yeah, we're not paying for dinner," and the cashier got the manager and the manager was bewildered as to why this was a problem. We tipped our server who had nothing to do with the incident and left, never to return. RIP, El Vaquero.

    13. Submitted by Hunter McMillian.

    When I was an elementary school student, I went to a very nice restaurant with my family. Because I was an elementary school student at the time, I was still capable of feeling embarrassed not only for myself but for my parents as well. I ordered a glass of milk that sat upon the white tablecloth. My young nose started to bleed, rapidly dripping into the white milk at the fancy restaurant. It looked like I conducted some sort of scientific experiment. It was more awkward for my parents, I believe, but kids are kids, and things happen.

    14. Submitted by Olivia Stransky (Facebook).

    I was eating at an outdoor patio and a drunk guy staggered up, pulled down his pants, squatted, and proceeded to shit violently in front of me. After a few minutes, one of the waiters came out and yelled at the guy. The waiter then gave him a broom and instructed him to clean up the shit. The waiters then started pouring buckets of water on the shit, which just made it form a shit river that flowed everywhere. The drunk guy then wandered away with the broom. Unsurprisingly, I lost my appetite and got the rest of my food to go.

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