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What's A Question You're Tired Of Hearing Because You're Single?

Now put your hands up.

Let's be real: single people are so brave.

Every day you're confronted with demons, like exaggerated PDA from couples.

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But the worst thing is when you're asked the most frustrating questions in the world.

Maybe you're familiar with this classic one from your grandparents: "When are you going to get married and settle down? I want some great-grandchildren!"

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Sorry, guys. You'll be waiting a lonnnnnnng time.

Or maybe this one from your BFF: "Why did you sign up for Tinder? Can't you just meet someone at a bar like everyone else?"

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Literally stop.

Or perhaps the worst one of all: "What are your plans on Valentine's Day?"

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Netflix and pizza in my bed, what's it to ya?

You're truly a warrior if you've survived any of these annoying questions.

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So, tell us in the comments below a question you're ~sick and tired~ of hearing because you're single!

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The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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