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Posted on Oct 6, 2015

What's The Weirdest Question You've Ever Googled?

Time to get freaky.

Whether you'd like to admit it or not, some pretty bizarre thoughts have lingered in your mind.

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You'd love to talk to someone about it, but sometimes the subject is just too awkward.

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Because you're not totally comfortable with asking someone a question, you turn to the ultimate judgement free zone: Google.

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Maybe one time you asked: "How can I make sure my dog knows I'm sorry if I accidentally stepped on him?"

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Or perhaps you searched: "Can you die from swallowing too much semen?"

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Or maybe you whipped out your phone and typed in: "Why is my poop green?"

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We've all been there, so tell us via the DropBox below the absolute weirdest question you've ever Googled!

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The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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