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    25 Times We Literally Couldn't Stand Rory Gilmore

    From stealing yachts to having affairs with married men.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying Rory Gilmore moment from Gilmore Girls. Here are the frustrating results.

    1. When she dropped out of Yale after she was criticized on her journalism for the first time in her life.

    2. And when she took her immature reaction further by stealing a yacht.

    3. When Rory had sex with a ~very~ married Dean.

    4. When she showed up to a job interview at SandeeSays with zero article ideas to pitch.

    5. And when she didn't accept Logan's marriage proposal at the end of the series, but helped him cheat on his fiancé years later.

    6. When Rory ditched Lorelai's college graduation to hang out with Jess in New York City.

    7. When she decided she didn't want to go to Chilton in the pilot just because she had a crush on Dean.

    8. When she snuck behind Lorelai's back to ask Richard and Emily for money on countless occasions.

    9. And when she complained and whined like a baby after Lorelai rejected her book idea.

    10. When Rory literally forgot about her sweet, caring boyfriend's existence. Paul deserved better!

    11. When she blatantly flirted with Jess in front of Dean every chance she got.

    12. And when she wrote a ballet review for the Yale Daily News and described the ballerina as "fat."

    13. When Rory spent the entire revival running around like a chicken without a head.

    14. And basically every other poor life decision she made in the revival.

    15. When she shut Lorelai out for taking the logical route in her endless string of messy situations.

    16. When Headmaster Charleston offered her a teaching position at Chilton and she turned it down, WHEN SHE DIDN'T HAVE A JOB.

    17. And when Lane came to Rory with a problem and she either ignored her or made the whole conversation about herself.

    18. When behaved like an absolute brat with Emily after everything she and Richard did for her when she dropped out of Yale.

    19. When Rory apparently had no idea she needed extracurriculars to get into an Ivy League college until her junior year of high school.

    20. And when she never failed to show us she was totally divorced from reality.

    21. When Rory carried a book literally everywhere she went. (We get you love books, but it's a bit much, girl!)

    22. When she took Lorelai and Sookie's tickets for the Bangles concert and didn't even let them know the seats opened up when Madeline and Louise ditched.

    23. When she got mad at a guy for sitting under her study tree. You can't own trees, Rory!

    24. When she made excuses for Logan's awful behavior.

    25. And when Rory totally made Lorelai's wedding night about herself and announced she was pregnant.