If You Could “Freaky Friday” With Anyone In The World, Who Would It Be?

When “out-of-body experience” takes on a whole new meaning.

1. Switching bodies with someone for 24 hours, or “Freaky Friday-ing,” would be a totally awesome experience.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via gsspa.org

2. It’s a free day to do whatever you want, but, more importantly, to be whoever you want.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via betcheslovethis.com

3. Whether your desire is to “Freaky Friday” with a gorgeous celebrity…

BBC One / Via artofmodernliving.com


4. Or a legendary cartoon character…

Walt Disney Pictures / Via geekin-out.com

Who wouldn’t want to be a BAMF in the kitchen like Tiana?

5. Or even your best friend… it’d be super fun to live someone else’s life for just one day.

NBC / Via motivators.tv

6. So, if you could “Freaky Friday” with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Share with us below!

Columbia Pictures / Via totalfilm.com

Awards and badges will be given to the most creative submissions.

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