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    This Insane "American Horror Story" Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

    Picture it: Germany, 1932.

    Recently, Ryan Murphy announced that every season of American Horror Story is actually connected.

    FX / Via

    We already know that Pepper from AHS: Asylum stars in Freak Show.

    But there's another Asylum and Freak Show crossover that Murphy should definitely play out.

    FX / Via

    Remember in last week's episode, when Elsa Mars told Edward Mordake her upsetting past?

    FX / Via


    How, back in Germany in 1932, a bunch of men drugged her, strapped her down, and cut off her legs in a snuff film?

    It was extremely gruesome and disturbing, but felt pretty familiar.

    FX / Via

    Elsa's backstory has similar tendencies to Dr. Arden's violent work from Asylum.

    FX / Via

    With his Nazi history, it's very possible that Dr. Arden is one of the men who cut off Elsa's legs in Germany.

    FX / Via

    Because chopping off legs is what he enjoys most.

    We're onto you, Arden.

    FX / Via
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