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The 20 Stages Of Successfully Buying A Concert Ticket Online

But once in a while, the stars are aligned and everything twerks out the way it should.

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1. You get an e-mail notification that your favorite artist is going on tour.

2. At first you're like:

3. Then after the initial shock, it's time to get down to business.

4. You write down the ticket sale date on your calendar so you won't forget.

5. You head to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, hoping someone will accompany you.

6. A friend quickly accepts the invite, and is totally down for the greatest show in the world.

7. Weeks pass by, and then sha-ZAM! Ticket sale day is finally here!

8. You go to your computer, and pull up the ticket website.


9. You have 10 minutes until go time, so you just keep your eyes glued to the clock... and wait.

10. You play a few songs to pass the time… but you DON'T click out of the browser.

11. Finally it's time for tickets to go on sale, and you begin the task of a lifetime.

12. Your fingers move at the speed of light to make sure you choose banging seats at a reasonable price.

13. The tickets you most desire are available.

14. You double-check all your information before clicking the "complete purchase" button.

15. Then you click... sweat begins to overcome your body...

16. wait on what seems like a lifetime...

17. ...then BAM. Your ticket purchase was a success!

18. You go to your e-mail, and receive the confirmation that the purchase went through.

19. Now that all the technical business is over, you realize you're seeing your favorite artist in concert.

20. You're going to have the experience of a lifetime,

one you'll tell your children and cats about years down the road.

Cheers for live music!

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