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33 Of The Most Memorable Ross Geller Moments On "Friends"

"Ahhhhhhh, unagi."

1. When he tried to move a couch up the stairs in his apartment building and yelled at Rachel and Chandler.

2. When he tried flirting with Phoebe but it was just painfully awkward.

3. And when he got too excited about Ugly Naked Guy's apartment.

4. When Donald threw away Ross' leftover moistmaker and he was a little emotionally attached to it.

5. Or when Ross pushed the boundaries a tad too far.

And pretended to be dead to see if anyone would show up to his funeral.

6. And the other time when he taught Rachel and Phoebe about the total state of awareness.

7. When Ross tried to prove himself to Chandler.

And Chandler straight up laughed in his face.

8. And when Ross wouldn't let the little things go.

9. When he tried to be optimistic about the New Year, but his thoughts sounded dirty instead.

10. And when he admitted he has no luck with love and relationships.

11. When he proved he was the best dad in the world by teaching Ben all about Hanukkah.

12. When Ross took it to the limit during Emma's childbirth.

13. And the time he showed his "quiet-down" quirk.

14. When he passionately played the keyboard.

15. And thought playing the bagpipes would be a good idea.

16. When he couldn't help being the grammar police during a fight with Rachel.

17. That time he wasn't afraid to display his creative imagination to his students.

18. When he revealed just how nerdy his childhood was.

19. When he made Emma happy in the most obscure way.

"That girl is all about the ass!" —Rachel

20. When he tried to play it cool with Rachel and Joey.

21. And relieve the tension by making fajitas.

22. When he got stuck in a difficult situation on his 30th birthday.

23. That time he got a mega-tan because he couldn't count Mississippis.

24. And when he caught Paul singing "Love Machine."

25. When he tried to be adventurous but got stuck in his leather pants.

26. And realized he might have gotten a little too close with Monica.

What did Chandler marry into?!

27. When he tried to fit in with his new neighbors at Howard the handyman's party.

28. When he and Monica lived their childhood dream by performing "The Routine."

29. When Ross was the best friend ever and helped Joey with his audition.

30. And when Ross used a secret language against Chandler.

31. When Ross wasn't afraid to be himself on Halloween.

32. When he got extremely drunk in Las Vegas.

33. And most importantly, when Ross finally acted on his emotions and kissed Rachel at Central Perk.