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Here Are The 35 Most Popular Songs Of 2022 — Let's See How Many You Listened To Or Haven't Even Heard Of

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2022 was quite the year for music, to say the least. From Harry Styles to Beyoncé to Lizzo, artists were truly on their A game when it came to dropping certified bangers!

Styles in his "As It Was" music video

On a personal note, I couldn't get enough of tunes like "Anti-Hero" by Taylor Swift and "Vegas" by Doja Cat — like, I was not AT ALL surprised to see them end up on my 2022 Spotify Wrapped.

Doja Cat: "Hound dog, hound dog, hound dog"

And because I've listened to basically every new hit from 2022, I wanted to know which songs *you* have listened to, heard a few times, or didn't even know existed.

Beyoncé teaser for "I'm That Girl"

So let's test your 2022 music knowledge, folks! Ready, set, go:

You can listen to the Best Songs of 2022 playlist on Spotify here:

Kayla Yandoli / BuzzFeed / Via

Which songs from 2022 do *you* think were certified bangers? Let us know in the comments below!

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