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"Regular" People Who Had Sex With Celebrities Are Sharing What It Was Like (And I Must Admit, I'm Pretty Dang Jealous)

"I was shocked when we hooked up — it was entirely her doing. I had no intentions or even harbored an idea that it was a possibility. As for the sex, it was pretty damn good (we went three rounds)."

Reddit user u/-DarkLuna- asked the folks of the Reddit community: "People who had sex with a celebrity: "How was it?" Their stories were pretty interesting (to say the least). Everyone's experience was different and were also pretty eye-opening.

Lucille Bluth from "Arrested Development"

So, here are some folks who've had sex with famous people:

Disclaimer: we can't confirm 100% of these stories, but some of these people are supposedly speaking from their own experiences of having sex with celebrities.

1. "I slept with and briefly dated a girl who was a child actor when we were in college. She was kind of a mess honestly. It was sad because she was nice and really funny, and the sex was great, but she had a lot of issues (like sleeping in a barn with her horses and drinking until she passed out). She had a lot of issues with her parents, as well as self-esteem issues. I hope she's doing better now. I looked her up a while ago, and she seems happy (at least on Instagram)."


2. "A while back, one of my wife's friends had a short relationship with an A-list singer. It wasn't David Bowie, but someone equally as famous with a similar number of record sales. When she was at school, she had a massive crush on him for years (posters on the walls, a pencil case with his face on it — the works). She grew up and became a musician herself. She was nowhere near the same caliber, but you could go into a music store and buy a CD with her face on it. Eventually, their paths crossed and they hit it off. They met for a drink in a pub near where she lived and had a really good time — but he was recognized early on, and people wouldn't leave him alone. She suggested they go back to her place instead, and they did."

"She was living in a shared house, so the living room was a communal space and all her personal stuff was in her bedroom. She didn't expect to take him back, so she didn't 'sanitize' it beforehand (and by 'sanitize,' I mean literally take his poster off her wall). She had to do the whole: 'Errr...just wait here for a few minutes whilst I get things ready!' then rushed around doing things like flipping her mousepad over so he wouldn't see his face on it.

It all went well, and they were together for a little while before deciding just to be friends (they're still good friends)."


3. "I slept with an Avenger for a while (I won’t name which one), and it was actually incredible. It went on for a few months when he was in town filming, and I went to a movie launch in New York City with him. The only reason it stopped was because I met my now-husband (the Avenger also wasn’t looking for a relationship, not to mention he lived in California and I’m Canadian). Anyhow, it was a great experience, and all my friends still love bringing it up."

"Avengers Assemble" Season 2

4. "I dated a famous drummer for about a year — he was excellent in bed, and we had a blast together. The first time we slept together he texted me the next morning and said: 'I was dreaming about you, and when I woke up, I found one long red hair on my pillow.' He was super romantic and such a cool guy. I’m happily married (not to him) with two children, but we’re still friends and keep in touch. The only reason it didn’t work out was because I couldn’t hack a relationship with someone gone so much. He was touring all the time, and I was finishing college."


5. "She's currently a national-level news journalist on TV, but this was while she was still a cadet. After she got hers, she literally rolled over and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to her in my shorts and a T-shirt she took from my wardrobe. She then danced her way out of my place to grab a cab (literally danced) while still wearing my clothes. Later on, one of her friends was knocking on my door — apparently, the dress she wore was borrowed, so she sent her friend over to collect it. I handed it over, along with her shoes and underwear. Her friend asked what she was supposed to do with them, and I kinda said it's a packaged deal, as I'm not the kind of guy who would keep those things as 'trophies.' I saw her only once again in the nightlife district of my city (she was stealing a street sign). Then years later, I saw her on the news almost every night."


6. "I matched with a woman who was a top-50 tennis player on Tinder while I was at a conference. I figured it was a bot or just a scammer, but since they agreed to meet me at the bar across from my hotel, I figured what was the worst that could happen. We chatted for 20 minutes, and she agreed to go upstairs. I was a bit intimidated as I am not an athlete, but I proceeded to give her a solidly mediocre 25 minutes of lovin'. She then left and unmatched me. So, I guess it was fine — standard first-time sex with an extra dose of awkward from my end where the person was better looking and a lot more fit than I'm used to. But otherwise, it was pretty much the same thing as non-celebrity sex."

Professional tennis player playing tennis

7. "I had sex with a woman who played an alien on a Sci-Fi television show — she was absolutely nothing like her character in real life. In real life she was a very sweet, very kind person who was respectful of everyone around her. I was completely shocked when we ended up hooking up — it was entirely her doing. I had no intentions or even harbored an idea that it was a possibility. As for the sex, it was pretty damn good (we went three rounds). I kind of felt like we had a connection, and hoped that maybe the possibility was there for a relationship. But after the last time we had sex, she ordered us breakfast and afterwards advised me that she needed to go to sleep (which was my cue to leave)."

"I was a little shocked later on to find out that she was married at the time. She seemed to be acting like a single woman out of town, and up for a night of fun."


8. "I was with her for over five years — she had an exercise TV show in the '80s. We hooked up when I was in my late twenties and she was in her early forties (people regularly thought I was older because she looked amazing). That being said, sex with her was the ultimate for me — it was the best I've had in my life. I'll be forever chasing that, but am doubtful I'll ever find it again. It's been almost 15 years since we broke up, and I still haven't met someone as incredible as she was in bed."


9. "I once dated a cam girl who made it on an HBO show called Sex/Now back in 2013 about cam girls. She was a 'regular' girl, but she did LOVE sex, and was open to doing anything. This was before the 'fame,' but it didn't change her. The show was a one-time deal, and her online fame kind of ended because she decided to settle down and have a child. I follow her on social media, and she seems really happy — I love that for her."

"Sex//Now" title hed for documentary

10. "I had sex with a boy band member. We were friends before the fame, so it was a rude shock when I still had to hand over all of my devices and sign an NDA afterwards. The sex itself was great — it was the walk of shame after that hit hard."


11. "I was dating a guy and one night he started playing a song by a somewhat-obscure band I loved. I told him that I was really surprised and happy that he knew this song. He said: ' you actually not know who I am?' He was in the band! Anyway, we dated for 10 years, and then I married him. Sex is 10/10."


12. "She's a rather famous broadcast personality in the UK. I went out with her for about six months in my twenties. Whenever I turn on the TV with my wife or my parents and she's on, I feel really embarrassed somehow. I want to turn over, but at the same time pretend not to notice. It's kind of awkward. The sex was good — she had a few kinks that I thought were somewhat 'weird,' though realized later they weren’t all that 'weird.' She was lovely. I really messed things up, but am happy with how things later ended up and am not hung up on her or anything."

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13. "I had sex with a C-list celebrity who was on MTV's The Challenge for many seasons in the mid-2000s. He has one hell of a personality on Instagram/TV, but legitimately has a 1,000-yard stare in person. His texting style was unhinged (like talking to a wet paper towel). He made me watch Bill Maher, we had sex, and he snoozed his alarm 17 times in the morning (which was Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'). As much as I would love to reveal who he is, I'm still in sporadic contact with this person, and I have more research to conduct!"


14. And: "I have an ex who became a minor celebrity after we broke up. If I said her name, I’m sure someone would have heard of her. She's a musician and wrote two whole albums about me — there are some cryptic lyrics that are actually really sexual in nature. It’s kinda weird when I’m driving my kids to school and I hear a song about my favorite sex position on the radio."

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Note: Some stories have been edited for length and/or clarity.