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42 Ridiculous People Who Broke COVID Rules In 2021 And Honestly Deserve A "Fool Of The Year" Award

Someone requested a doctor's note to avoid wearing a mask. 👀

1. This person, who didn't wear their mask correctly while working at a COVID VACCINE CENTER:

2. This person, who fully believed they wouldn't get COVID because they regularly hit the gym:

3. These people, who disguised themselves as elderly women just to get their COVID vaccines early:

4. This person, who didn't believe in concrete facts:

5. And this person, who also didn't believe in science and facts, and rather stood behind the idea that "power is knowlage":

6. This person, who dropped their two cents where it definitely wasn't needed:

7. This school, which totally disregarded quarantine rules:

8. This person, who didn't wear a mask in a store when they tested positive for COVID:

9. This person, who took off their mask and DIPPED THEIR FINGERS into a tub of food:

10. These people, who left stickers in bathrooms that read, "This only ends when you take off your muzzle and stop complying":

11. This person, who refused to leave their waiter a tip because the restaurant "kicked them out after 90 minutes":

Receipt that reads: "I'm sorry the server gets screwed on this. Don't kick paying customers out after 90 mins"

12. These people, who protested the COVID mandate and literally blocked a highway: 

13. This person, who questioned a vaccine delivery because it was shipped in April, when they "didn't even know what COVID was at the time":

14. This restaurant, which hosted over 100 people in one sitting:

15. This person, who ruined a barcode that helped detect COVID cases:

16. This person, who put up a sign at their shop and made fun of the coronavirus in the dumbest way possible:

17. This person, who wore a thong over their face instead of a mask in a grocery store:

18. This publication, which made just one heck of a ridiculous dining chart:

19. This person, who didn't care about their employees' health and went into work with COVID:

20. This person, who wrote anti-vax phrases all over their van, like "No more lockdown!" and "stop complying:"

21. This person, who requested a doctor's note to get out of wearing a mask and ultimately failed:

22. This person, who tried on multiple masks at a store until they found the one they liked best:

23. These people, who were anti-vax but believed in anti-COVID pills:

24. This clothing store, which didn't believe in the mask mandate and threatened to refuse service to those who wore one:

25. And this store, which also put up mask exemption guidelines in their entryway:

26. This person, who questioned the COVID vaccine's effectiveness because it was "made quickly":

27. This person, who protested the mask mandate with the dumbest sign possible:

28. This person, who put realllly uninformed and alarming stickers on the back of their truck:

One sticker reads, "But did you die?" and another one is a stick figure having sex with text that reads, "COVID-19."

29. This person, who tried to prove somebody wrong but royally messed up COVID statistics by using "basic math":

30. This school, which allowed over 600 students to eat lunch together in February 2021 (before the vaccine was available to everyone):

31. This person, who purchased multiple masks and tied them to their car bumper to prove COVID was "a lie":

32. This person, who didn't care that his tenants lost their jobs because of COVID and publicly posted how much rent they owed: