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Leslie Knope's 33 Best Lines On "Parks And Recreation"

Happy 44th birthday, Amy Poehler!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Leslie Knope quote in honor of Amy Poehler's 44th birthday. Here are the genius results.

1. When she reminded us that work isn't the most important thing in life.

2. When she royally shut down the evil people at the Pawnee Public Library.

3. When she reassured Ann that her friendship was way more important than any other guy.

4. And when she asked Ann to support her during her ethics trial.

5. When Leslie showed us the intense pressures of hosting a public forum.

6. When she vocalized her hatred for healthy food.

7. And endorsed her obsession for breakfast food instead.

8. When she described that one time in college when she thought she took drugs.

9. When Leslie ended her wedding vows with the most romantic line ever.

10. When she went head-to-head with Ben during the Model U.N. meeting.

11. When she showed her undying love for her BFF.

12. When Leslie found out that she was actually born in Eagleton and not in Pawnee.

13. When she tried to tell Ben she wasn't the least bit stressed out.

14. When she wasn't afraid to tackle anything in her professional career.

15. When the Pawnee Police Department finally endorsed Leslie's run for city council.

16. And when Leslie beautifully explained why she doesn't support strip clubs.

17. When she wasn't afraid to let her flawlessness shine.

18. When she had to share some heartbreaking news with Ann's doctor.

19. When Leslie told us the second biggest complaint the Pawnee senior citizens filed against the town.

20. And when she left herself an encouraging voicemail.

21. When Leslie stood up for herself during Ben's run for Congress.

22. When she got way too real while ordering a glass of wine.

23. When she proved to Ron she was the better hunter.

24. When she was way too sick before she delivered a speech.

25. And when she got in trouble by the government for opening the wine basket.

26. When Leslie crashed Dave's apartment while she was super drunk.

27. When she was unapologetically herself during one of her lunches with Ann.

28. When she was confused by April's relationship with Derek and his boyfriend, Ben.

29. And when she described the only type of man she could have a future with.

—Ingrid Fischer, Facebook

30. When she was suspicious of Tammy Two's niceness.

31. When she defended Jerry's painting of her as a kickass centaur.

32. When Ben and Leslie finally revealed their feelings for each other.

33. And when she was ready to take on anything life threw at her.

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