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    15 Times Popular Female Characters Said Whatever The Hell They Wanted In Movies

    "You are rude and mean and frizzy. I don't like you at all!" —Jenna Rink

    1. In Waiting to Exhale, when Savannah decided that she deserved a healthier relationship and dumped her married boyfriend.

    Savannah at lunch with her married boyfriend, telling him he's the scum of the earth

    2. In Selena, when Selena called out the racist saleswoman in the dress shop while signing autographs for her adoring fans.

    3. In The Princess Diaries, when Lilly was trying to catch up with Mia on the street and insulted her fellow classmate in the process.

    4. In Bring It On, when Isis called out Torrance for stealing her original cheerleading routines for the Toros.

    5. In Bad Moms, when Kiki stood up to her husband and told him he had to take just as much responsibility as a parent.

    6. In 13 Going on 30, when Jenna called out Sparkle's editor for being mean at the magazine party and told her she was rude and mean and sloppy.

    7. In What's Love Got to Do With It, when Tina stood up for herself against Ike on the airplane and walked away from him.

    8. In Moonstruck, when Rose jokingly told Loretta how unhappy she was about her engagement to Ronny.

    9. In Crazy Rich Asians, when Astrid told her cheating husband that she couldn't make him feel like something he wasn't: a man.

    10. In Girls Trip, when Sasha, Dina, and Ryan were totally candid about how ridiculous Lisa's "going out" outfit was.

    11. In Mamma Mia, when Donna expressed to Sam just how happy she was to be single and not dealing with a middle-aged menopausal man.

    12. In Someone Great, when Erin (a queer woman) expressed her true feelings about heteronormative labels to Blair.

    Erin telling Blair to take her motherf*cking hereonormative labels in a box to the left

    13. In Love, Simon, when Ms. Albright told the homophobic students who were bullying Simon that they'd amount to nothing because of their cruel behavior.

    14. In Mary Poppins, when Winifred Banks sang the most iconic song about women's rights to her maid and nanny.

    15. And in You Again, when Helen and Grandma Bunny greeted each other at the wedding by insulting each other's outfit.