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15 Valentine's Day Horror Stories That'll Make You Happy You're Single

Love is a many stupid thing.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their worst Valentine's Day experiences. Here are the heartbreaking results.

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1. Submitted by Ellanor Cyrille (Facebook)

Back in high school, I went on a date with a guy who didn't make any reservations to go anywhere nice. So, he took me to McDonald's after we saw a movie. I don't know what's worse: The fact that we went to McDonald's because we both had employee discounts, or the fact that I still had to pay for my own food.

2. Submitted by kaydepuckettifbbp.

When I was away at college, my boyfriend came to visit for the weekend at a hotel in my college town. While I was getting ready for our dinner reservations, he was getting arrested two hours away for driving on a suspended license. I had to borrow a friend's car and drive through the mountains in a snowstorm to pick him up. This was before I knew how to drive a stick and the car was a manual. In a snowstorm. In the mountains. It was very bad — I broke up with my boyfriend the next day.

3. Submitted by hollyenc.

My boyfriend of three years butt-dialed me at 1 a.m., and I heard him have sex with another girl. I eventually found out they were together for six months, and she had no idea about me either.

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4. Submitted by Kierstean Childs (Facebook)

When I was in eighth grade on Valentine's Day, I showed up to school dressed in pink and ready to be showered with love from my middle school boyfriend. He didn't come up to me all day. But at the end of the day, I finally approached him and asked him if everything was alright. He told me: "I forgot to get you a present, so I was afraid to talk to you." Well, five minutes later as I walked to the bus, this girl I hated approached me and showed me a card, that said: "To Jazzy, love Eric." Eric was the guy who I dated for three years in middle school.

5. Submitted by lizf452652635.

My then-fiancé (now husband) and I went out to dinner at The Melting Pot, and our server was one of my ex-boyfriends from college. It was awkward.

6. Submitted by David Degreef (Facebook)

On Valentine's Day, my boyfriend bought me tickets for The Sound of Music. After the show we had a romantic dinner and kissed all night, and slept in each other's arms. No sex was involved whatsoever. In the morning, I woke up in an empty bed and heard music coming from the living room. When I walked in the room, I found my boyfriend masturbating as he was watching the "Dirrty" music video by Christina Aguilera. When he saw my face, he said he forgot to tell me he was bisexual, and he was going through an "I like girls" phase.

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7. Submitted by Janie Nicole (Facebook)

One year, I waited for my boyfriend while he had dinner with another girl. He claimed that his "friend died," and he was too upset to come over. I drank a bottle of wine and ate the dinner I made from scratch by myself. Now that I think of it, I got to drink a bottle of wine by myself and didn't even have to share. This might actually have been the best Valentine's Day ever.

8. Submitted by Kim Morris (Facebook)

On Valentine's Day, I found out about my husband's affair. I discovered he bought another woman the same heart-shaped box of chocolates that he bought me. I found out he was with her the entire time I was in the hospital on bed rest with our second son. It was devastating.

9. Submitted by Drew Hart (Facebook)

I got dumped via Facebook message.

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10. Submitted by hannahk4f4ea1e5a.

In 8th grade I was dating this boy, and I went to his house for Valentine's Day. He gave me a sock monkey with the tail tucked between its legs so it had a boner, and I got him cologne. Later that day, I saw the same monkey on sale at Walmart for $2, attached to a coffee mug. I never got that coffee mug, and he dumped me the next day.

11. Submitted by gumisperfection.

My first high school boyfriend and I had been together for exactly 364 days on Valentine's Day. He got me a gigantic stuffed moose as a gift, and he got my best friend a dozen red roses because she didn't have a Valentine. It turns out they were cheating together for several weeks and I didn't even know it.

12. Submitted by baharb2.

Last Valentine's Day I invited my boyfriend to my dorm to watch Netflix, order takeout, and cuddle. My roommate offered to share her weed with us, and we agreed to smoke it with her. After our session, my boyfriend's face turned pale. It was obvious he was greening out, so he decided to go back to my room to gather himself. Later when I checked on him, he smiled and proceeded to projectile-vomit all over me and my room. I spent the rest of the holiday cleaning up vomit off the carpet, my bed, and the walls while he slept. He's now my ex.

13. Submitted by dancemagicdance.

Last year on the day before Valentine's Day, I came home to find that my beloved pet rabbit JoJo died unexpectedly. The following day, my other darling bunny (and JoJo's love) Maxwell had a seizure and died in my arms as well. The necropsy revealed that his system was filled with a rare toxin occurring only when rabbits experience severe stress. In other words, Max died of a broken heart.

14. Submitted by Christine Lorraine Edmond (Facebook)

I'm pretty sure my Valentine one year went on a date with someone else before me because we didn't go out until 11 p.m. We were supposed to go to a diner, which turned out to be a Crown Fried Chicken with an eating counter. I was highly annoyed, but started to relax when we started making out by the pond in the park. Unfortunately, we got stopped by the police and they issued us court summonses for being in the park after the newly implemented closing time. It was terrible.

15. Submitted by emilyt4b7d76bd8.

One year, I met up with a friend at a bar. We were casually dating at the time, but nothing serious. After drinks, he came home to my place and passed out before anything happened. When I woke up he was hovering over me with a glass of water, pretending he spilled it on my bed when he actually peed. He ruined my pillow top mattress! On top of everything else, he made me drive him home.

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