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26 Hilarious Reasons People Actually Cried While Drunk

"I cried in the rain because I didn't know where ducks went when it got cold outside."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest reason why they've cried while drunk. Here are the brilliant results.

1. Convincing yourself that the garbage man steals the trash:

NBC / Via

A friend of mine began crying when she saw the garbage man taking out the trash. She was utterly convinced that he was stealing it.

—Allison Kraus, Facebook

2. Being made into a Sim:

Electronic Arts / Via

My best friend made me into a Sim. We were laying in bed after a night of drinking when she showed me the Sim and her family. I was so touched that my friend immortalized me in a video game, I started to cry.


3. A cat astronaut t-shirt:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I was wearing a shirt that had a cat dressed as an astronaut on it. I caught a glimpse of the cat astronaut in the mirror and started crying because the cat fulfilled his dreams and I was just a drunk on a Tuesday.

—Danielle Clearwater, Facebook

4. Not knowing where ducks live when it gets cold outside:

Warner Bros. / Via

One time my friend Ally and I cried in the street walking home from a party in the rain because we didn't know where ducks went when it got cold outside. We hoped they would all be ok.

—Amanda Fierro, Facebook

5. Dancing to "Low" by Flo Rida at the wrong time:

I went to dance with a group of people to "Low" by Flo Rida, but I got low at the wrong part of the song. I then ran back to my room and called my friend sobbing, telling her: "Nobody got low with me." —hannahb43264a082

I went to dance with a group of people to "Low" by Flo Rida, but I got low at the wrong part of the song. I then ran back to my room and called my friend sobbing, telling her: "Nobody got low with me."


6. Elephant pee:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I drunk-cried about elephant pee. I have no idea why.


7. Realizing fries and tater tots are in the same family:

Warner Bros. Television / Via

I cried because I realized that French fries and tater tots are made from potatoes. It was a very joyful and emotional time for me.


8. Gucci Mane getting arrested: / Via

I cried on my 22nd birthday because someone told me Gucci Mane was in jail.


9. A slow-moving snail:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I once shed beer tears for a snail that was trying to climb my best friend's front steps. He was SUCH a champion, and those stairs seemed insurmountable.

—Katya Schexnaydre, Facebook

10. NSYNC breaking up: / Via

I once got so drunk, I started singing and doing the choreography to NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," and I ended up bawling because NSYNC broke up. It was 2015.


11. Not living in a cupboard under the stairs:

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

My boyfriend wouldn’t let me sleep in the cupboard under the stairs, full of shoe racks, bags, and coats, and I cried so much. I somehow managed to squeeze into a small corner and declared I wasn’t coming out.


12. A heart-shaped chicken nugget:

Wendy's / Via

I found a heart-shaped chicken nugget from Wendy's and cried so hard.


13. Global warming:

NBC / Via

My best friend started sobbing in the bathroom at a night club, and I assumed it was over her newly ex-boyfriend. When I went to console her, she sobbed: "What are we going to do about global warming?!"


14. Not dating young Harrison Ford:

20th Century Fox / Via

Realizing I could never date young Harrison Ford made me so upset.


15. Blinking loudly:

Nickelodeon / Via

My boyfriend blinked too loudly.


16. The fact that you can't sleep with your pet fish:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

My roommate wouldn't let me sleep with our pet betta fish.


17. No more new '80s songs: / Via

I drunk-cried because there wouldn't be any new '80s songs.


18. Not hanging out with a cat for a long period of time:

ABC / Via

I realised that I hadn't seen a cat for over a week.


19. A manual sink:

Netflix / Via

I was at a wedding with an open bar and after having too many drinks, I had to pee. After, I spent a good two minutes crying, fanning my hands around the sink to get the water to come out. It was a manual sink.

—Rigo Perez, Facebook

20. Expired chicken:

Universal Pictures / Via

I cried because a pack of chicken in my fridge was past its use by date, and I was really sad the chicken had died for no good reason. The guilt was real.


21. Your Rockette dreams being crushed because you're too short:

Comedy Central / Via

I cried because I'm too short to be a Rockette.

—Liz Newberry, Facebook

22. Not meeting Minnie Mouse:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I cried because I've never met Minnie Mouse.


23. The danger of jaywalking:

Universal Pictures / Via

In New Orleans I started drunk-crying because my husband wanted to jaywalk and I refused because it was illegal.

—Jezire Akin, Facebook

24. Stolen nachos:

Comedy Central / Via

My boyfriend took one of my nachos.


25. Believing Taylor Swift gave you a personal performance: / Via

I had my headphones on to listen to Taylor Swift. I started to cry because I thought she was playing a concert just for me.


26. And unable to open a pizza box:

Paramount Pictures / Via

My friend cried because she couldn't open the pizza box to eat the pizza she had drunkenly bought on the way home from the bars.

—Kelly Hart, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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