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    Dolores From "Encanto" Claps With Her Index Fingers Because Of Her Enhanced Hearing, And 44 Other Genius Disney Movie Details

    The carpet from Moana's "How Far I'll Go" is a replica of Aladdin's magic carpet.

    Hello there! I'm fully aware I'm extremely late to the party, but I'm excited to announce I *finally* watched Encanto for the first time last week!!!

    I honestly can't stop thinking about this brilliant movie. _Encanto _might be my new favorite Disney flick of all time not just for its catchy songs, meaningful characters, and beautiful message, but for its excellent attention to detail.

    There were so many details sprinkled throughout the movie, which got me thinking about other recent Disney movies — I went down a rabbit hole and couldn't help but notice that Disney has only gotten smarter with age.

    So, here are some clever Disney movie details from the past 12 years that are brilliant beyond brilliant, via r/MovieDetails.

    Warning: Potential movie spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. _Toy Story 3 _(2010)

    2. _Moana _(2016)

    3. _Tangled _(2010)

    Rapunzel and Flynn standing in the same spot Rapunzel's parents released the lantern

    4. _Luca _(2021)

    5. _Zootopia _(2016)

    6. _Ralph Breaks the Internet _(2018)

    7. _Soul _(2020)

    8. _Encanto _(2021)

    9. _Monsters University _(2013)

    10. _Frozen II _(2019)

    11. _Brave _(2012)

    12. _Incredibles 2 _(2018)

    Edna Mode babysitting Jack Jack in "Incredibles 2;" Kari the babysitter from "The Incredibles"

    13. _Toy Story 4 _(2019)

    14. _Finding Dory _(2016)

    15. _Cars 3 _(2017)

    16. _Moana _(2016)

    17. _Encanto _(2021)

    18. _Big Hero 6 _(2014)

    19. _Inside Out _(2015)

    20. Onward (2020)

    Barley wearing a denim vest with "Hades" on it; Hercules in "Hercules" running from a Hydra

    21. _Raya and the Last Dragon _(2021)

    22. _Luca _(2021)

    23. _Soul _(2020)

    24. _Zootopia _(2016)