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Show Us A Picture Of Your Awesome Book Nook!

Reading spaces are the best spaces, am I right?

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There’s no greater feeling in the world than staying in to read your favorite book.

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It’s a time to escape from all of your problems, and get lost in an amazing story.


But the best part about staying in to read is relaxing in your very own book nook.

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Maybe your awesome book nook has cozy pillows and action figures of literary characters.

Instagram: @bookmarauder

Or perhaps your reading space is surrounded by pages from your favorite book.

Instagram: @prettynerdy3

Or maybe your little sanctuary is LITERALLY MADE OUT OF BOOKS.

Instagram: @gsbanksbooks

Reading spaces are the best, so show us a picture of your awesome book nook via the DropBox below!

Sara Rubin / Via BuzzFeed

The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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