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17 Ridiculously Beautiful Men To Distract You From Finals

Study break time.

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1. Oh, hey there.

Paramount Pictures / Via

2. Won't you take all of my stress away?

BBC One / Via

3. I don't think I can study much longer.

Universal Pictures / Via

4. ~Drops books~

Walt Disney Studios / Via

5. ~Throws highlighters across the room~

6. It's time to procrastinate.

7. "Hey, guys, I'm sooooo sorry, but I can't make it to study group..."

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

8. "I think I'm just gonna hang back at my dorm, do some research online..."

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

9. "Maybe we'll meet up at the library later."

New Line Cinema / Via

10. ~Rips up notecards~

11. ~Flips over desk~

The CW / Via

12. I know I'm not gonna pass, so let me just enjoy.

ABC / Via

13. What's a review guide?

14. Hahahah, everyone is busy memorizing those 60 identifications for Physics. Suckers.

MTV / Via

15. My professor will totally understand why I didn't study.

Fox / Via

16. Right?

The CW / Via

17. Eh, it's probably best to just skip my final exam.

Thank you, gentlemen.

NBC / Via

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