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    A Target Customer Left A Used Pregnancy Test In The Middle Of An Aisle, And 43 Other Monsters Who Don't Deserve To Shop There

    Target employees deserve so much better.

    1. This customer, who left a USED, dirty diaper on one of the shelves:

    2. This customer, who stole the heads off of Space Jam: A New Legacy action figures:

    3. This customer, who went to the electronics section and literally stole keys from a computer keyboard:

    4. This customer, who smeared poop on an otherwise beautiful pink pillow:

    5. This customer, who left a used pregnancy test on the floor in broad daylight:

    6. This customer, who opened a four-pack of beer, drank it all, then left the empty bottles under some Christmas trees:

    7. This customer, who "returned" their T-shirt with cigarette burns on it in the clearance section:

    8. This customer, who filled their Target carts with trash for employees to deal with later:

    9. These customers, who tried on nail polish and smeared it all over the display shelves:

    10. This customer, who dumped a bunch of Pokémon trading cards in a toilet:

    11. This customer, who maneuvered a toddler mannequin up a pre-teen mannequin's butt:

    12. This customer, who tried walking out of a Target while wearing an outfit with the tags still on it:

    13. This customer, who rudely parked on top of one of the giant red spheres outside of the store:

    14. These customers, who tried on a whole bunch of shoes and never put them back in their boxes:

    15. This customer, who left a pair of dirty underwear on one of the sitting benches:

    16. This customer, who wanted to be recorded trashing an entire aisle of toys and immediately ran away afterward:

    17. This customer, who broke a bunch of champagne bottles in the middle of the holiday section and just left them there for an employee to clean up:

    A bunch of broken champagne bottles near the Christmas/Halloween display

    18. This customer, who left a raw steak (that obviously should be refrigerated) on top of some delicious autumn desserts:

    19. This customer, who left anti–COVID vaccine stickers all over random items:

    20. This customer, who left an empty Starbucks drink in the pet section:

    21. And this customer, who also left an empty, melted Starbucks drink with the lid off in the clothing section:

    22. This customer, who ate candy at a table and threw his candy wrappers on the ground instead of just walking two feet to throw them out in the trash:

    23. These customers, who checked out a bunch of graphic T-shirts and left them a mess instead of folding them back:

    A section of neatly folded t-shirts at Target
    A section of messy t-shirts at Target

    24. This customer, who taped himself against a pole and security had to help him down:

    25. This customer, who tested some body lotion and left a huge, messy explosion for someone else to deal with:

    26. This customer, who stole a master lock and left the package in the middle of the aisle:

    27. This customer, who clearly broke the rules and brought their puppy inside the store to shop with them:

    28. This customer, who opened and ate a Hershey's chocolate bar and left the wrapper inside the original display box:

    29. This customer, who just randomly left a slice of pizza on top of an expensive computer:

    30. This customer, who tested out a baby stroller to the point where the wheels fell off:

    31. This customer, whose kid broke a plastic Halloween candy bucket and just left it there:

    32. This customer, who just sat his butt down ON ONE OF THE FOOD SHELVES:

    33. This customer, who opened a mattress topper to feel its texture and never bothered zipping the bag back up:

    34. This customer, who left a bunch of cut-up strawberries in the middle of a bathroom sink:

    35. This customer, who opened a package of underwear to feel the material and threw it back when an employee caught them:

    36. This customer, who took the basket holder and dragged it around with them while shopping in the store:

    37. This customer, who somehow snuck a shopping cart from Walmart into Target:

    38. This customer, who vandalized one of the display boxes by writing "One Direction" in permanent marker:

    39. This customer, who ate a slice of pizza (save for the crust) and left it near some beautiful purses:

    40. This customer, who went searching for a set of some mason jars and left other huge boxes in the middle of the store:

    41. This customer, who left half-eaten hash browns from McDonald's near a display of protective face masks:

    42. This customer, who left this cart FULL of assorted items, like snacks, drinks, candles, and diapers, in the middle of an aisle five minutes before closing:

    Target cart full of items, like juice, diapers, water bottles, paper plates, and a garbage can

    43. This customer, who put a child mannequin in the middle of the dessert freezer:

    44. And this customer, who used a razor on display and left hair and deodorant stains in it: