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    26 Brilliant Karen Walker One-Liners From "Will & Grace"

    Because she's a lady, assface.

    1. Karen Walker's motto.

    2. When Rosario pisses her off.

    3. Giving advice to her good pal Grace.

    4. Karen's wonderful hint of lesbian.

    5. Her oblivion to nature in New York City.

    6. Her acknowledgement of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    7. When Karen hits on a devious Macaulay Culkin.

    8. How she arrives at conclusions -- no hard evidence is necessary.

    9. Karen Walker avoiding anything and everything emotional.

    10. Putting up her defenses when she's bothered by Will.

    11. But she gets back at him with her high-pitched quick-wit.

    12. In competition for Stan's will with his mistress.

    13. Showing that her love for booze has absolutely no boundaries.

    14. Karen trying to care about work -- or anything, for that matter.

    15. Insulting people is her specialty (specifically ones that involve your parents).

    16. When she regrets falling for a man.

    17. Just telling it like it is... probably about Will and Grace.

    18. Showing words can be powerful.

    19. However, one-liners don't necessarily require words -- her slap says enough.

    20. Karen Walker giving marvelous fashion tips.

    21. Yearning for a drink... which is like... all the time.

    22. Graciously letting you know how much she hates you.

    23. Refusing to interact with anyone who doesn't belong to a high social class.

    24. Karen's payment method for her workers.

    25. When she dresses like a maid, and looks like Rosario.

    26. Karen defending her people and fighting the system.