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    23 Liz Lemon Items You Can Buy On Etsy

    I want to go to there.

    1. This "blerg!" bracelet.

    2. This cross stitch.

    3. This genius 8" x 10" print.

    4. And this other genius print.

    5. These gold and silver initial disc necklaces.

    Like Liz's "L" gold disc necklace.


    6. This "I want to go to there" keychain.

    7. This tote bag.

    8. This pin.

    9. And this "lizzing" pin.

    10. This "suck it nerds" banner.

    11. This pillow.

    12. This "night cheese" sweatshirt.

    13. This "what the what?" pencil set.

    14. This hand towel.

    15. This 2014 calendar.

    16. This Liz Lemon felt finger puppet.

    17. This "nooner" mug.

    18. And this "a splash of Lemon" mug.

    19. This "shut it down" t-shirt.

    20. This thank you card.

    21. This embroidered clutch.

    22. This poster.

    23. This awesome t-shirt.