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21 Ways Your Sister Is Really Your Best Friend

If you don't know, now you know.

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1. You guys stay in on Friday nights and have movie marathons.

2. She takes you cruising in her car, while bumping music.

(Preferably Beyoncé tunes)

3. She's not hesitant to drop the truth bomb on you.

4. Your sister tells you jokes that make you laugh uncontrollably.

5. You'd rather hang out with her than your actual BFF, which proves your sister has defeated all the friends you've ever had with her coolness.

6. If you share a room, every night is a sleepover filled with crazy adventures.

7. You gals share deep dark secrets that you wouldn't want anyone else to know.

8. You go on coffee runs every morning, afternoon, and night.

With no shame.

9. She teaches you sick dance moves for weekend party time.

10. And when you do party together... it's legendary.

(She'll hold your hair when you yak)

(She'll hold your hair when you yak)

11. She's there to catch you when you fall, and wipe a tear off your face.

12. She also supports you during job interviews, and major events in your life.

13. You guys aren't ashamed to devour the heck out of yummy foods.

Essentials: Grilled cheese, Doritos, and Ginger ale.

14. She lets you borrow clothes if you can't find the perfect outfit for a night on the town.


15. If somebody doesn't treat you right, she'll take them down.

She actually gives a shit about your feelings.

16. When this song comes on the radio, you don't think of your BFF from school… you think of your sister instead.

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"With a Little Help from My Friends" by The Beatles

17. You gals take enough selfies to fill two photo album books.

Sister swag.

18. You have inside jokes that nobody else understands.

19. She checks in with you to discuss life and make sure everything's all right.

20. Your sister likes all of your Facebook statuses and pictures when no one else does.

21. And most importantly, she'll always be there for you... when the rain starts to pour.

Obviously you get into fights...

...but you quickly get over it because you can't imagine going a day without speaking.

Everyone is jealous of your friendship,

because nobody has the kind of sister–friend bond you two gals have.

Yay for sister-friends!

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