17 Signs You’re Gunther From "Friends"

This barista is more relatable than you might think.

1. You daydream at your boring job.

2. You’d do anything for love.

3. You wear ridiculously bright colors.

4. And wacky ties.

NBC / Via fanpop.com

5. Nobody knows your last name.

6. You enjoy a good drag once in a while.

“Oh dark mother, once again I suckle at your smokey teat.”

7. You’re not afraid of confrontation.

8. You smile on rare occasions.

9. You crave attention.

10. And fight for a spot in the friend group.

11. You have a hard time telling people apart.

12. You know how to curse in more than one language.

NBC / Via youtube.com

13. You have strong, secret feelings for someone.

NBC / Via insidetv.ew.com

14. And you convince yourself you two are together.

15. You don’t have time to deal with annoying people.

16. You show up for moral support.

17. Your life is a constant fail.

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