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    18 Games That Will Help You Kill A Lot Of Time

    Game night = the best entertainment.

    1. LCR: Left Center Right is as simple as it is fun. Just roll the dice and pass three chips (left, right, or keep) according to the roll. Whoever ends up with all the chips, wins!

    2. The Game of Things — a hilarious and easy-to-play game sure to take family game nights to a new level of fun, all thanks to you. *Takes bow.*

    3. What Do Your Meme? because it's been on the list of games to buy, and now's the time! Challenge your friends and family (your call on playing with mom, not mine) to create the best memes and prepare yourself for hours of side-splitting entertainment.

    4. 5 Second Rule challenges you to name three things that fit a category in only five seconds. Sounds easy, eh? Not so fast — try to name three deodorant brands in five seconds... GO!

    5. Catan is a competitive game of strategy: Build roads, trade, barter (it's better auctioneer style, IMO), and develop settlements. Can I promise you and your family will end the night on good terms? Probably not.

    6. Cards Against Humanity has more than 31,000 five-star reviews and is beloved by horrible...y funny people across the world. I mean, if 31,000 people say it's good, it's safe to say it's good.

    7. Trick Question tests and exercises the brain with over 400 different brainteasers. There are teams involved, so you better bet there will be a competitive edge.

    8. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza involves fast thinking. Each player races against each other to slap a match between a card and a spoken word. Seems simple, but these cards can play tricks on your mind, so get ready.

    9. Jenga — the classic game of concentration...and a little bit of luck. Time to get this baby in your game stash, stat.

    10. Or! Tipsy Tower combines Jenga with booze, and I can't argue with that. A handful of the wooden blocks have rules on them, and when someone draws one out, they have to abide by that rule for the rest of the game or take a sip accordingly!

    11. One Night Ultimate Werewolf assigns each player a unique role but the goal is straightforward: Find out which player is the werewolf. SpooOOOOoky!

    12. Monopoly Cheaters Edition lets you break the rules (FOR ONCE!). Like, you get rewarded for cheating in this game so now your siblings can't get mad when you win. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    13. Drunk Stoned or Stupid is the superlative game that'll finally let your group call each of your friends out. Juuuust make sure you play with the people who will still talk to you after.

    14. Battleship — the legendary two-player game from childhood you need in your game arsenal. Strategize, sink ships, make moves, and W-I-N.

    15. Exploding Kittens is basically the cat version Russian Roulette. If you like kittens, explosions, and serious strategy, then yes, you 100% need this game.

    16. Never Have I Ever brings out the deepest, darkest secrets [play dramatic music here] as each player reveals the things they've done.

    17. Linkee gives a fun twist on your average trivia game. Here's how it works: Your team hears five clues, has to solve them, and then figure out what ~links~ them together to get the point!

    18. And Codenames — an exciting word game that turns your friends or family into two teams of rival spies, plus one assassin and one double agent. You only know the "codenames" of the people on your team, so who will figure out which spies belongs on their team first?

    Here's to game nights!

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