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    15 Dorm Rooms That'll Make Your Own Bedroom Look Like Total Garbage

    Can I...move into the dorms again?

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community — as well as some college students — to show us how they decorated their dorm room. Prepare for some real inspiration:

    1. This dorm that I suspect is actually an Urban Outfitters display.

    —Hope, Instagram

    2. This charming room with the most calming color palette.

    3. This princess bed that's giving me some serious royalty vibes.

    4. This darling dorm that was big enough to have a VELVET COUCH!!!

    Morgan Brand

    —Morgan Brand, Facebook

    5. This magical setup that just might belong to a fairy.

    "My dorm room at San Diego State. Bought the macrame wall hanging on sale at Urban Outfitters and dip dyed it myself." —michaelaw428a7218b

    6. This jungle chic room that I actually can't believe is real...please come decorate my entire life.

    Instagram: @halhueck

    —Haley Hueckman, Instagram

    7. This dorm with the perfect pop of color and adorable seating area.

    "Goodwill and IKEA were seriously my best friends. An $8 table, $4 rolling cart, and a little bit of spray paint go a long way!" —katyj3

    8. This room with the on-point gallery wall.

    "My freshman dorm room at University of Kentucky! Used some canvases, paint, and frames from Target, combined with some artwork I printed off my computer to DIY my own gallery wall." —katherines4dfc3cd2f

    9. This perfect wall decor that is so pleasing to the eyes. (Not one crooked polaroid!).

    —Sarah Elizabeth Gormon, Instagram

    10. This cozy space that makes me want to curl up with a good book, stat.

    11. This wonderful poster creation.

    —Kerri Cole, Instagram

    12. This eclectic dorm that captures its resident's worldly travels.

    "My place in Australia, decked out in photographs and textiles from my travels in India." —aanchal8897

    13. This moody boho room that I would literally abandon my own apartment for.

    —Andie Schroeter, Instagram

    14. This dorm with the vibrant paint swatch masterpiece.

    "It took a few trips and a few dodged glances from the paint section of Walmart, but I always used paint strips to decorate my dorm rooms. When the year is up, just tear them down!" —emkel14

    15. This incredible before-and-after that proves dorms can be bright and cozy.

    "Before and after from my senior year dorm room at Columbia!" —taylorjacquelynng

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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