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    27 Cheap, Fancy Things That’ll Still Live Up To Your Expensive Taste

    Because nothing says, "hello, I am faaaancy" like a giant charcuterie board.

    1. A Mediterranean-esque peel-and-stick wallpaper that'll give you the upgrade you want for a fraction of the price. This on stairs? I never would of thought but now I need immediately.

    2. Salt and pepper marble bowls that come with a wooden base and salt spoon for a faaaancy cooking experience. Your pretend Food Network show just got elevated with this in your kitchen.

    a black and white marble bowl resting on a wooden tray with salt and pepper in each bowl

    3. A lacy duster to ~add a bit of spice~ to your summery wardrobe and favorite swimsuits. Time change = warm weather is near...

    model wearing long white lacy duster with heels and denim shorts

    4. A textured throw that'll trick your guests (and maybe even yourself?!) into thinking you dropped some serious $$$ on all your accent decor.

    5. Adorable cloud tea bags to make your next curl-up-with-a-cozy-book-and-tea session even more whimsical. Yes, I *do* have my head up in the clouds.

    cloud-shaped tea bag floating in cup of tea

    6. And! A glass teapot and blooming tea set you'll want to use every day, it's just that darling. It comes with a glass infuser making it perfect for loose teas, and is microwave- and stove top-safe!

    7. A tulle skirt because there is only one way to enter spring: twirling straight into it. Bring on that sweet sunny weather.

    reviewer wearing monochromatic outfit with red tulle skirt and a matching long sleeve shirt

    8. Safety pin earrings accented with little crystals that look as cute as as they are cheap — aka they're REALLY cute.

    9. An embossed rolling pin with an engraved floral design so you can master patisserie week a la The Great British Bake Off style, and create stunning desserts that look like they came straight from a French bakery.

    rolling pin rolling out dough leaving behind an intricate floral pattern

    10. An absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow palette (what's prettier, the packaging or the colors?!) with 18 super pigmented shimmery and matte shades thats proves you don't need to drop $100 to snag the perfect palette.

    11. A wedge sandal made for dressier occasions. But honestly, don't listen to me — these are so freakin' cute you should wear them 24/7.

    model wearing dark blue canvas shoes with a thick strap and pointer toes

    12. An in-shower mist that'll make shower time > spa time. A few spritzes will unlock a combination of scents to awaken (or relax!) your senses.

    13. A beeeaaautiful resin comb handmade with pressed flowers and foil that deserves a place right on your vanity — not in tossed somewhere in a drawer — right there on your counter for everyone to see.

    resin combs each made with different colors of pressed flowers

    14. A set of leopard print makeup brushes that are truly the ~cat's meow~. These > literally any other makeup brushes.

    15. A milk and honey cuticle oil to help keep your cuticles hydrated and free from dreaded cracking and peeling. It's packed with cold pressed oils and vitamins to pack in the moisture.

    A reviewer holding the bottle, intentionally showing their glittery manicure with healthy looking nails and cuticles

    16. A pearl-studded, velvet headband because sometimes all their outfit needs is a trendy accessory to tie it all together.

    17. A bottle of lavender syrup for taking those at-home lattes you've perfected to an entirely new flavor level.

    hand holding bottles of lavender syrup

    18. Cutey little nail decals sure to take your at-home mani to much fancier heights.

    19. A trendy belt bag — and I think we can all agree that stylish fanny packs are BACK.

    reviewer wearing black crocodile embossed belt bag

    20. A glass tumbler so sleek, even your coffee will feel luxe. Give that cold brew the photoshoot it deserves.

    21. A seagrass basket that's a much chicer home for your plant than a boring ol' pot. Yes, your plants are just as fancy as you.

    two basket planters holding different sized plants

    22. A sparkly eyeshadow because a star like you deserves all the sparkly things. This silky formula glides on to create a glittery sheen and the sets to stay there. No creasing here, folks.

    23. A charcuterie board that is what charcuterie board dreams are made of. Who is the host with the most? You, clearly!

    round charcuterie board with two layers that open up to provide more space

    24. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings to amp up any ordinary top and take your outfit from meh to instantly fabulous.

    25. A Himalayan pink salt bath set made with eucalyptus and peach hibiscus for a heavenly soak that'll transport ya to the spa. Except you'll be at home, where it's nice and cozy.

    bath salts in cute bottles styled on a table

    26. Dried pampas grass for a plant you *can't* kill. This will look *chef's kiss* in you home and you'll have yourself to thank for that!

    27. A three-tier corner shelf that'll give ya a creative, pretty-looking solution to your all-too-frequent where the heck do I put this problem.

    three-tier shelf made with bamboo and metal legs styled on counter

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