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    40 Things For Anyone Who Loves Luxury, But Is On A Budget

    Just a bunch of really pretty things without the expensive price tag.

    1. A tiny marble bowl, because the act of pinching salt from one of these for seasoning just feels so fancy. Now I understand what drives #SaltBae.

    marble salt bowls with spices in each

    2. Aaaaand! A faaaancy automatic spice grinder with interchangeable pods that easily click in and out, so you can swap in the salt, grind, and swap out for the pepper. It's *truly* that simple.

    3. A flowy, sheer duster to chic up any basic white tee and denim outfit. Did you get this at some fancy boutique, they'll ask? That's a secret we'll never tell.

    model wearing black floral sheer duster

    4. A textured throw that'll trick your guests (and maybe even yourself?!) into thinking you dropped some serious $$$ on all your accent decor.

    5. An Eiffel Tower tea bag and tea to make your next curl-up-with-a-cozy-book-and-tea session even more magical.

    tea bag shaped like the Eiffel Tower in a cup

    6. A high-waisted pleated skirt you can twirl right into each season in with the right jacket, tights, and layers.

    7. Tortoise shell hoops that look as cute as as they are cheap — aka they're REALLY cute.

    closeup of white/brown earrings

    8. An absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow palette (what's prettier, the packaging or the colors?!) with 18 super pigmented shimmery and matte shades thats proves you don't need to drop $100 to snag the perfect palette.

    9. A set of vintage-style cover plates for all your light switches and outlets. It'll style up your space with minimal effort on your part — and does it get any better than that?

    gold cover plate installed over light switch

    10. Extremely stylish loafers, because a wardrobe as trendy as yours needs a pair of these.

    11. An embossed rolling pin with an engraved floral design so you can master patisserie week a la The Great British Bake Off style, and create stunning desserts that look like they came straight from a French bakery.

    rolling pin rolling out dough leaving behind an intricate floral pattern

    12. A set of satin bow scrunchies to give your ponytail a dose of va-va-voom on days when throwing your unwashed hair up is the only option (me on most weeks).

    set of scrunchies lined out

    13. A marble-pattern makeup brush set I don't think your vanity is ready for. And your other makeup brushes? They don't stand a chance with these stunners around. Just peep that fluffiness!

    14. And! A vintage-style makeup brush holder and faux-pearl beads you *and* your brushes will shucking love.

    holder filled with faux pearls and makeup brushes placed inside

    15. A set of Africa stud earrings made of resin and 24K gold flakes for some seriously special charm your jewelry collection will adore.

    16. A Venus de Milo candle to get your shelf up to speed with TikTok decor. This next to your perfume collection? It just smells like luxury.

    Venus candle next to Chanel perfume for size reference (about the same height)

    17. An embroidered tunic dress with bell sleeves to give your ensemble a fancy feel and sweet poppy of color.

    18. A five-piece pen set with a gorgeous flower detailing that just might inspire you to write more and get some work done...or doodle — either or.

    pens laid out all in different colors

    19. A faux-leather backpack you'll want to tote around on all your adventures. It *looks* like you paid department store prices for it, and we won't say otherwise.

    20. A bottle of lavender syrup for taking those at-home lattes you've perfected to an entirely new flavor level.

    hand holding bottles of lavender syrup

    21. An in-shower mist that'll make shower time > spa time. A few spritzes will unlock a combination of scents to awaken (or relax!) your senses.

    22. A set of cutie, hydrocolloid-infused pimple patches sure to become a welcomed addition to the your ever-growing skincare collection. Butterfly-shaped acne patches? YES and PLEASE!

    different fun-shaped patches spread out on table

    23. A calligraphy starter book so you can improve your penmanship and pretend that the world isn't, you know, on fire and such. We love cheap hobbies that make us look fancy as heck!

    24. A faux-suede duster jacket one would think grew legs, walked out of a high-end designer store, and straight into your closet. The reality? It's under $50.

    Model wearing camel colored duster with lapels and pockets

    25. A crystal-looking bottle with a lock lid and place for a straw that *of quartz* your life is in need of — hydration is important, people!

    water bottle styled on table

    26. A watch that seriously looks just as sleek as the expensive ones all over your Instagram timeline.

    27. A wooden container lined with a machine-washable fabric because who says organization can only be done with boring ol' plastic bins?! Not you, that's who.

    different sized baskets with fabric liner

    28. A dainty bar necklace featuring an opal-looking center because expensive jewelry shouldn't have to dull your bank account's ~sparkle~.

    model wearing dainty necklace that hits right at collarbone

    29. An overnight cold brew filter bottle that honestly has no right to be THIS pretty and cheap.

    30. An off-the-shoulder wrap number so you always have a stunner to pull out when ya need it. Hello, you're gonna turn some heads in this.

    model wearing the dress

    31. A sparkly eye shadow because a star like you deserves all the sparkly things. This silky formula glides on to create a glittery sheen and the sets to stay there. No creasing here, folks.

    32. A simple little lamp to bring some calming ambience and charm to your room, desk, or nightstand. I mean, this thing looks like it walked right out of a West Elm catalog.

    lamp styled on nightstand

    33. An adorable floral clutch with a removable chain strap so you can enjoy being chic in peace, without any buyer's remorse.

    34. A basket caddy – and who allowed a shower caddy to be this sophisticated? Honestly, this will make your bathroom look like a dang spa.

    shower caddy hung in shower with bottles inside

    35. A mirrored tray to give your finest perfumes and jewelry an organized home of their own — no more unsightly clutter taking up your vanity.

    tray styled on vanity holding makeup and perfume

    36. A faux-fur pillow cover for a luxe but easy bedding upgrade. Imagine diving into a bed of these, like a true queen would.

    faux-fur fluffy pillow styled on couch

    37. Aaaand! A set of silky-soft satin pillowcases designed to help keep your hair from frizzing, your skin from breaking out, and your dreams sweet.

    silk pillowcases on bed

    38. A seagrass basket that's a much chicer home for your plant than a boring ol' pot. Yes, your plants are just as fancy as you.

    two basket planters holding different sized plants

    39. A pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings that'll amp up any ordinary top and take your outfit from meh to instantly fabulous.

    reviewer wearing black faux-leather pants

    40. And lastly, square cat-eye sunnies that are as equally cute as they are affordable...meaning you should 100% buy a couple pairs.

    Sometimes, it's hard to be this fancy. 💅

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