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    Shutterfly Is Offering Up To 40% Off Sitewide So It's Time To Finally Print The Photos Sitting In Your Phone Library

    You can *also* get a free 8x8 photo book...just sayin'.

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    It’s BuzzFeed Deals Week, aka a full week dedicated to telling you about all the best sales, discounts, and promotions that the internet has to offer! We’re making it easy to find the most exciting bargains in fashion, beauty, home, and more from your favorite stores.


    And one of those fabulous deals is happening right now on Shutterfly! You can save up to 40% off sitewide, *and* get early access to a free 8x8 photo book with promo code FREEPB.

    Here are just some of the great things on sale:

    1. 40% off easel calendars to take your WFH desk up a notch (or ten).

    Easel calendar with a watercolor ombre background and a circle layout design for one photo, plus dates for the month

    Easel calendars start at $17.99 (originally $29.98). See all of their available styles here, and get the watercolor ombre style here.

    2. Save up to 34% off candles you can customize with your favorite photos. There are tons of styles and layouts available that'll make it that more special!

    Customized candle that says "It's good to be home, The Jacksons" with a picture of a family

    Candles start at $29.69 (originally $39.99). See all the candle styles available here, and get the "Home" candle here.

    3. 31% off pet food containers, because your perfect fur angel must have their own custom treat jar.

    A treat jar with a photo of a dog and print that says, "Live. Love. Woof. Our boy Bailey"

    Pet food containers start at $29.66 (originally $42.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the "Live. Love. Woof" container here.

    4. Up to 25% off personalized story books guaranteed to make a great gift for any little one who loves their story time.

    Story book cover that says "Olivia's Trip to the Alphabet Zoo"

    Story books start at $29.99 (originally $39.99). See all of the styles available here, and get the "Trip to the Zoo" book here.

    5. Up to 40% off puzzles that'll make for the sweetest family activity to date.

    Puzzle of a custom family photo

    Puzzles start at $19.79 (originally $32.98). See all of their available styles and layouts here.

    6. 40% off adorable wine stoppers. Personalize the top with their name, initials, and even photos, because the wine aficionado you know deserves somethin' custom just for them.

    Wine stopper with a floral design and the name "Kathlyn"

    Wine stoppers start at $11.99 (originally $19.99). See all of the styles available here, and get the floral design wine stopper here.

    7. Save 30% on cutting boards, because more cutting boards means more cheese boards. Those are just facts.

    Customized cutting board with "The Watsons" engraved in the middle

    Cutting boards start at $31.49 (originally $44.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the engraved option shown above here.

    8. 33% off canvas prints that'll take that empty wall from boring to packed with all of your family favorites.

    A gallery wall with different sizes of canvas prints

    Canvas prints start at $49.69 (originally $69.98). See all over their available sizes and styles here.

    9. 30% off hoodies so you can actually *wear* your best memories. Your 2021 family reunion will be the greatest one yet.

    Hoodie that says "Jones family reunion - Austin TX"

    Hoodies start at $34.99 (originally $49.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the family reunion hoodie here.

    10. Save up to 40% off mugs that come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and personalization options. Latte mugs? Yup! Color changing picks? Double yes!

    Large mug with cereal in it that says "Bella"

    Mugs start at $10.19 (originally $16.99). See all of their available styles here.

    11. 25% off stainless steel tumblers with plenty of design options sure to impress even the hard-to-shop-for.

    Two customized travel mugs with different layouts for photos

    Tumblers start at $29.99 (originally $39.99). See all of their available styles here.

    12. 25% off step stools to give your mini me a boost of height. Teeth brushing has never been easier.

    A wooden step stool with a space ship print and "Matthew" spelled out below

    Step stools start at $39.74 (originally $52.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the spaceship stool here.

    13. 25% off ceramic tiles for a different, cute way to display your latest photoshoot.

    Ceramic tile with a five photo layout that says "Forever" and then two names "Liam & Allison"

    Ceramic tiles start at $26.24 (originally $34.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the "Forever" layout here.

    14. 40% off a customized deck of playing cards so the next time you play with the family's most competitive member, you can show them the sweet family photo on the back and tell 'em to take it easy on ya.

    A deck of playing cards with a layout of photos on the back

    Cards start at $11.99 (originally $19.99). See all of their available styles here.

    15. 40% off neoprene can coolers — an actual must for your next family camping adventure.

    Can cooler with a photo of a family and text that says "Adventure Awaits"

    Can coolers start at $5.99 (originally $9.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the "adventure awaits" cooler here.

    16. Up to 40% off personalized barware because a bar cart as fancy as your needs a custom growler. It just does.

    A table full of custom barware, including a flask, growler and beer glasses

    Barware starts at $5.99 (originally $9.99). See all of their barware here, and get the custom growler here, beer glasses here, and personalized flask here.

    17. 40% off cotton totes you'll want to take everywhere with you just to show off your impeccable photography skills.


    Cotton totes start at $10.19 (originally $16.99). See all of their available styles here.

    18. 25% off laptop cases guaranteed to make ya smile every time you pull out your computer.

    A laptop case with a photo

    Laptop cases start at $26.99 (originally $35.99). See all of their available styles here, and get the style shown above here.

    19. Save 25% on custom blankets, including this cozy fleece pick. Will you ever want to leave the couch? Probably not!

    Blanket with six different photos and initials in the middle

    Blankets start at $44.99 (originally $59.98). See all of the available styles and layout options here.

    20. 40% off a variety of magnet styles so you can cover your entire fridge in memories.

    A set of photo magnets

    Magnets start at $4.73 (originally $7.88). See all the available styles here.

    21. And 25% off glass prints that'll add the final touch to the bookshelf that was obviously missing something until you found this beauty.

    A glass print with eight photos and a monogram letter in the middle

    Glass prints start at $29.99 (originally $39.99). See all available styles here, and get the monogram gallery option here.

    And don't forget, you can get a FREE 8x8 photo book with the promo code FREEPB!

    Spring edition photobook

    Be sure to check out the rest of Shutterfly for more great deals on personalized items and photos!

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