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    21 Of The Best Things Our Readers Have Ever Bought For Their Kitchens

    A mess-free waffle maker with a built-in drip tray? Give your kitchen what it wants.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best things they ever bought for their kitchens. Here are the super helpful responses:

    1. An extra wide toaster oven that'll reheat, toast up, and cook like an absolute dream. The large frame means you can slide in most 9x13-inch oven pans with handles for easy heating. I love this thing already.

    Reviewer photo of the toaster oven and a pan filled with rolls

    2. A KitchenAid Professional Plus stand mixer featuring 10 speeds for all of your cooking aspirations (homemade pizza dough, anyone?). With this thing in your kitchen, you can truly do it all.

    3. An electric kettle so a cup of cozy tea is just a boil away! This 2-liter pot heats up in less than a few minutes, and has an auto shut-off feature to give you a peace of mind.

    Stariver electric kettle with black and silver accents and a glass bottle

    4. A Ninja Foodi electric grill that goes faaaar beyond just grilling steaks to perfection. This incredible appliance also air fries, roasts, bakes *and* dehydrates — and wooof, the things you can cook with this are endless!

    5. A Le Creuset Dutch oven that'll do two big, big things: Be the most versatile thing in your kitchen and cook up everything from stews to breads, and then outlive every other appliance and pot in your cabinets.

    Le Creuset Dutch oven in white with a stew

    6. A waffle iron with a built-in overflow channel to catch any oozing batter and make for a mess-free breakfast. What's better than that AND waffles?!

    7. A two-tier bamboo steamer so you can steam your best veggies, dumplings, and seafood to your heart's content.

    A two-tier bamboo steamer taken apart with a variety of foods in both containers that have been steamed

    8. A food processor that comes with a pitcher, chopper bowl, and processor bowl so you're able to pull out all the stops for your cooking needs.

    9. A beloved 7-in-1 pressure cooker (really, it has 91,000+ positive reviews!) sure to replace at least three of your bulky kitchen gadgets, and cook you a complete, super filling meal. There's little this thing *can't* do!

    10. Or! A splurge-worthy pressure cooker that also doubles as an air fryer so you get both of your favorite appliances in one awesome powerhouse. Dinner is at your place!

    Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer

    11. A 3-in-1 avocado tool for splitting, pitting, and slicing with total ease. Avocado! On! Everything!

    12. A microwave pasta maker that'll cook, strain, and create a full meal for you while you sit on the couch and catch up on all your shows. You know, the important stuff.

    Model using the pasta maker to drain the water in the sink

    13. A countertop grill featuring removable plates (hello, easy cleaning!) to make whippin' up burgers and paninis actually possible. No grill? No backyard? No problem!

    George Foreman 4-serving grill

    14. A salad spinner you'll wonder how you lived without the second you get your first spin in.

    15. A ~bloody~ adorable garlic chopper even Dracula himself would approve of. This little cutie chops, minces, and dices to do all of the dirty work for ya. Thank you, Dracula!

    BuzzFeed Community user photo of the garlic chopper that looks like a little Dracula

    16. The NYT Cooking app — your new home base for delicious recipes that you can filter based on diet, meal, and so much more. Easily save your favorites and access them in the recipe box so you're prepared for every course!

    17. A Dash cooker for perfectly boiling, poaching, scrambling, and omeletting* eggs. No more Googling or calling your mom to ask, "how long do you boil eggs?"

    DASH egg cooker in teal

    18. A trusty air fryer that just might make you forget about your oven all together. It'll reheat and cook in a snap, so whether you're eating last night's pizza or looking for a quick dinner, this air fryer will make it all easy peasy.

    19. A hand pull chopper to dice up a variety of foods without having to lug out *another* bulky appliance. Think about this, salsa is just a couple of pulls away.

    Chef'n chopper in green

    20. A pineapple corer that'll make it an actual fuss-free process to cut up a pineapple...and then use it as a piña colada glass, naturally.

    21. And last, but most important, a fire extinguisher so you're prepared. This easy-to-use can works for small kitchen fires, so keep one under the sink, and rest easy.

    Reviewer image of a can of First Alert's fire extinguisher sitting on top of a stove

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