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28 Boozy Things That'll Make The Perfect Gift For Cocktail Fanatics

Well, well, well — look who's giving them the best gift this year. (Psst, it's you.)

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A white sangria cocktail kit with all of the dried fruits and pretty garnishes they need to create some truly beautiful cocktails. Can...I...come over???

Gypsy Drinks

The kit includes: 100% recyclable mason jar (made from recycled water bottles), sangria mix, dehydrated citrus garnishes, dried edible flower garnishes, but does *not* include the alcohol. And because these are ready to drink, all they have to do is pour, shake, and drink!

Promising review: "Amazing product! Great for any and all events and presents! They are absolutely delicious and the packaging sells itself! It is a vacation in a jar :)" —Jess Karell

Get it from Gypsy Drinks on Etsy for $13 (more cocktail kits available on their home page!).

2. An apéritif sampler set from Haus that lets them try four different flavors. These delicious apéritifs are made with natural ingredients (no refined sugars or artificial ingredients), fruits, herbs, and botanicals — and with four bottles, there's definitely an extra one there for you!

Four bottles of Haus styled on a table

They'll receive four 200-ml bottles (that's about two to three drinks per bottle) with an 18% ABV so they can drink as is or create yummy cocktails.

Promising review: "I really enjoyed this sample kit. The packaging is lovey (I will definitely reuse the small glass bottles). I enjoyed all the flavors. Citrus was my favorite. I think the clove flavor will be nice over ice during the cooler months. The Rose, Citrus, Lavender flavors are nice on their own with ice and are a fun addition to Prosecco. I really enjoy complex flavors, and these apéritifs are a wonderful way to mix things up." —Erica R.

Get the sampler kit from Haus for $40.

3. A homemade gin kit for the gin to your tonic. You can expect a call from them saying, "Hey, do you want to come over and try the gin I made?" Um, yes please.


Promising review: "I've bought this kit in the past, and I was so satisfied with the results that I bought two this year. The gin came out delicious, and my friends and I enjoyed it very much. I love this gin kit, and I definitely will buy it again. It's so awesome to make your own gin. I even bought the refill packs that offer different flavors, too. Can't wait to see how good those come out. If you like gin, then I would definitely recommend the Homemade Gin Kit." —Reub

Get it from Amazon for $50.

4. Monogrammed whiskey stones to make 'em feel fancy as all get out — oh, and to keep their drink perfectly chilled, of course.

whiskey stones in a box with monogrammed letters
MW Gift Shop / Etsy

Promising review: "I bought the engraved whiskey stones as a gift for my spouse. He likes them so much that he asked me to order a second set. Fantastic quality and classic design. Excellent addition to our bar." —Emily Shepard

Get a set of three from MW Gift Shop on Etsy for $26+ (available in eight design options), or get something similar (but not customized) from Amazon for $15.99.

5. The Ultimate Bar Book — a guide with over 1,000 recipes and comprehensive how-tos so they can master their (and your) favorite artisanal drinks.

"The Bar Book" styled on a table with a whiskey barrel, shaker, and cocktail

Promising review: "This is a great book which is the perfect complement for your home bar. To start with, the book is a great size to keep tucked out of the way but substantial enough that it will last a long time; plus its hard cover looks good. There are so many cocktail recipes in here that you won't run out. Add to that there's a ton of information about the basic tools and drinks/mixers as well as what you may want for a pretty substantial home wet bar. The book also provides information about the history of the cocktails and the various types of alcohol." —Stevil310

Get it from Amazon for $16.39.

6. And! Tequila Mockingbird — an incredibly fun cocktail recipe book for the friend who's obsessed with fine literature and even finer cocktails.,

Promising review: "Love the recipes, and the variety: simple, complex, sweet, tart, bitter etc. The literary puns were spot-on, and I liked the idea that the drink could match both the themes at work in the story, and sometimes even the literary criticism surrounding the novel. The suggested games at the end were very funny, and the illustrations also added to the whole presentation." —Spilt Over

Get it from Amazon for $7.93.

7. An illustrated print featuring the classics and their accompanying recipes. This quick little cheat sheet hung up above their bar cart is just what they need to complete their drink station.

black poster with cocktail illustrations and recipes
Penny and Horse / Etsy

Psst! This is a digital download, not a physical copy, so you'll have to get it printed at your local drugstore. It's super easy, and places like CVS and Walgreens offer great coupons. Just print and frame, and your gift is done!

Promising review: "Artwork is very nice. I was able to download them and have it printed at Walgreens. Very high resolution, and colorful. I like it." —Ashley

Get a digital download from Penny and Horse on Etsy for $6.22.

8. A set of whiskey- and rum-aged coffee beans because booze and brew go together like PB&J.


Promising review: "If you know anyone who likes alcohol and loves coffee this is a perfect gift set for them! I bought this last year for my boyfriend for Christmas, and he loved it! He was using it sparingly because he wanted to save it. The beans are very fresh and smell a lot like the barrels/casks they came from. They grind beautifully and he uses them in his French Press. Very impressed with the beans and the customer service from this company! He loves his new box (different flavors!) that he just got for his birthday a few days ago. Looking forward to buying again." —Quincy

Get a set of three bags from Amazon for $34.95 (available in whole bean and ground).

9. A smoking kit sure to become the most exciting thing in their collection. Nobody will be able to compete with this! Like, they're pretty much guaranteed to be the neighborhood's master of mixed drinks.

whiskey cocktail that's smoking
The Old Fashioned Guru / Etsy

The kit includes a smoking coaster, a mixing glass set, and a torch.

Promising review: "My husband and I gave this to my dad as a gift. He absolutely loved the kit. My dad is an avid smoker of various meats and so this fit his style perfectly. He had to try it right then and there and was amazed! The drink was delicious. Thank you for creating such a cool, one if a kind gift!" —Kathryn Sullivan

Get it from The Old Fashioned Guru on Etsy for $59.99.

10. A can't-go-wrong bottle of Mike's Hot Honey infused with chili peppers for a sweet and spicy kick they can add to their cocktail creations.

Someone pouring a cocktail out of a shaker into a glass with Mike's Hot Honey next to the glass

Promising Review: "Saw this on a Food Network show and decided to try! LOVE IT! Great honey taste with just a bit of heat at the end. My husband loves 'hot' foods and even grows his own peppers to put on anything. He really likes this on his French toast and I like it with peanut butter. However, I just made baked beans and added a tablespoon of Mike's Hot in addition to the brown sugar (reduced amount) and they were the BEST baked beans ever!" —Ritakc

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

And read our full review of Mike's Hot Honey to learn more reasons why we love this stuff.

11. A BrüMate shaker that, looky there, conveniently turns into a pint glass. And the marble pattern? Oooh, this has "perfect gift" written all over it.

Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $35 (also available in pink and an iridescent blue).

12. A spritzer gift set from Spa Girl you'll have to plan an entire at-home spa day just to enjoy. Listen, I don't make the rules!

the peach gift set styled on a table with fruit
Spa Girl Cocktails

This beautiful set includes a bottle of Spa Girl's vodka (your choice of cucumber-or pear-flavored), St. Germain's elderflower liqueur, and a crystal carafe. Ah, the perfect gift.

Get it on sale from Spa Girl Cocktails for $39 (originally $75).

13. A diagram poster showcasing the different whiskey families and their major brands. Oh, what a lovely addition this will be in their bar area!,

Promising review: "I bought this as a gift for a friend and he loves it. I will be ordering from them again. The package was shipped right away. The poster was in a nice, clear plastic tube to protect it and the paper it was printed on is very nice. Great job guys. Thank you!" —sansivera

Get it from Pop Chart Lab on Etsy for $30+ (with the option to have a frame added).

14. Prism powder, aka edible glitter that'll transform their newest concoction into a magical potion full of whimsy and sparkle — two things I demand my cocktails be more of! *bangs gavel*

person pouring glitter into a champagne glass with an orange drink that looks sparkly
Fancy Sprinkles

Promising review: "I LOVE the prism powder! I used this in champagne punch at my wedding and it was a huge hit! Everyone was amazed at the 'glitter' in their drink!" —Hope R.

Get it from Fancy Sprinkles for $14.

15. A skull ice mold so they don't have to use boring ice cubes to chill their after-work, hard-earned margarita. Fancy, but make it dead., Amazon

Promising review: "The silicone mold is rigid enough to hold its shape but flexible enough to pop out the finished product without damaging either the ice or the mold. The level of detail is pretty impressive." —David M

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

16. And glow cubes because they're extra and so are their cocktails. Nothin' wrong with that!

the cubes lit up different colors in a glass
Urban Outfitters

Get a set of four from Urban Outfitters for $9.95.

17. A spirit infusion kit that'll take 'em from rookie to mixologist in no time. Handcrafted pomegranate vodka? How do you sign up to be a taste tester...?

person pouring a berry concoction into a funnel with berries

This set includes a recipe book and instruction guide, 1,000-mL infusion jar, liquor bottle with cork top, funnel, strainer, mesh filter, and a chalkboard tag for labeling.

Promising review: "This is a quality DIY kit that teaches you how to infuse spirits! The book's instructions are easy to follow and enjoyable to read, this book alone is worth the price of the entire kit!. Each item is of the highest quality in materials! I have several batches infusing to give as gifts and/or use for cocktail parties." —CJB

Get it from Amazon for $42.99.

18. A custom whiskey decanter with their name and a personal message from you. This is about to be the best thing on their bar cart, 100%.

Swanky Badger / Etsy

Promising review: "This was a special gift for my husband. The decanter and the glasses are absolutely beautiful. Pics don’t do the set justice. I got it engraved in the back as well and my he loved it. This was a 10-year wedding anniversary gift. Thank you so much for such beautiful artistry!!!" —juvirod

Get it from Swanky Badger on Etsy for $57.98+ (also available in a gift set with matching engraved glasses).

19. A simple syrup set (oh, hello faaaaancy lavender) so they can play around in the kitchen like wizard. A splash of this and dash of that — they better name their next boozy drink after you!

different flavors of the simple syrup lined up
Halifax Hollow / Etsy

You'll have the option to choose up to three flavors for their gift set. Choose from fresh lemon mint, rosemary, lavender, ginger, red hibiscus, and cinnamon stick.

Promising review: "I love their simple syrups. I got the rosemary, lavender and ginger for making drinks and teas. They are fabulous as always. Also love their elderflower jelly." —Linda Franzen

Get a set of three from Halifax Hollow on Etsy for $18.95.

20. A marble bar tool set and matching drink dispenser for those big-batch-cocktail kinda days. (Sending this to my S.O. *nudge nudge.*)

Crate & Barrel

Tool set includes marble and wood base, a bottle opener, muddler, strainer, and double-sided jigger.

Promising review (tool set): "I have started to become an 'at-home bartender' and this is the perfect set! It looks really nice in my apt and has everything you need to get started. Can make for the perfect gift too." —sherri19

Get the bar tool set for $59.95 and the dispenser for $109.90, both from Crate & Barrel.

21. A set of Woodford Reserve bitters in variety of enticing flavors. Happy hour is at their place!

reviewer image of bitters laid out next to bottles of whiskey

Comes with aromatic, orange, spiced cherry, and chocolate bitters.

Promising review: "Bitters are a critical addition to any bar. They are not inexpensive, but a critical to making a proper drink. These Woodford Reserve bitters are actually good value for money since they are 2-ounce bottles. They are barrel aged and very smooth, and add great and unique flavor to drinks. The chocolate bitter is great." —Kent Bond

Get it from Amazon for $37.99.

22. A crate filled with whiskey goodies *AND* snacks so they have everything they need for an ultimate day of tasting at home. Who just won best gift-giver? YOU.

Man Crates

The crate comes with two Glencairn glasses, a decanter (personalization optional), six soapstones, a tasting guide notebook, coasters, and three packs of snacks.

Promising review: "My boyfriend loved every piece of this crate. As soon as he opened it he made a trip to the store for 'some of the good scotch' and then showed me a video about the awesomeness of the Glencairn glass. Give a man the perfect gift and he's just like a kid in a candy store." —Kayla D.

Get it from Man Crates for $129.99.

23. Bloody Mary diagram glasses for anyone who knows that is the superior cocktail and demands it be made perfect every! single! time! These'll help.

glasses that show how much of each ingredient to include, right on the glass

Promising review: "Nice size glass in your hand. Room for celery stalk, olives and pickled okra! The artwork is precious! Truly original!" —DMO

Get a set of two from UncommonGoods for $25.

24. And! A Bloody Mary kit complete with spicy mix and the garnishes (you know, the best part!).

the bloody mary kit with all the ingredients and garnishes styled on a table
Harry & David

The kit includes: the drink mix, chile lime seasoning, dill pickle hot sauce (I know!!!), garlic dill cornichons, and pitted green olives.

Promising review: "I have this to my best friend and she loved it! Her and her husband were fighting over the pickles. Excellent gift and I’ll be sending to my sister for her birthday in the fall." —Katherine

Get it from Harry & David for $49.99.

25. A recipe card deck with, yup, 52 fun recipes they can work their way through.

Love & Victory / Etsy

Promising review: "We love the variety of drinks. We knew some of them, but some are new and we're excited to try them." —Ashley Coats

Get them from Love & Victory on Etsy for $16.

26. A brunch mini bar infusion kit — and need I go on?! OK I will, even though it sells itself! This baby comes with all the ingredients and tools to make three (three!) drinks.

the brunch kit with bottles, blends, and a completed cocktail
Williams Sonoma

Kit includes three bottles with corks, six labels, and three blends for cocktails (a floral, citrus, and savory option), plus recipes for each cocktail.

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $60.

27. A matching globe decanter and glass set to properly honor the greatest whiskeys of the world.

the globe decanter and matching glasses that look like the earth

The decanter can hold up to 850 mL of whiskey, and the set comes with two matching glasses.

Promising review: "This turned out way better than I thought it would! I purchased this and a set of whiskey rocks in a decorative box as a housewarming gift for my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it and everyone who enters the home and sees it also pays it a compliment and asks where they can find one for themselves. All the pieces were very secure in the box and protected by a few inches of styrofoam so shipping encountered no issues, which was my main worry when ordering this. Overall, great item — especially for the price." —B. Gibbs

Get it from Amazon for $49.97.

28. And a bottle of their favorite booze you can have delivered straight to their door using Drizly so they can start dreaming up their new cocktail creations stat. Need inspiration? Allow me to suggest Bad Sweater — a bottle of cinnamon whiskey wearing an actual Christmas sweater. Festive!

"Bad Sweater" whiskey wearing a tiny bad sweater and styled on a table
Margaret Pattillo

Yes, it absolutely comes with the teeny sweater. Sadly, it does not come with a matching human one. As for the whiskey itself, it's aged for four years and has added notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla. Is this their new favorite? No doubt.

You can choose from a huge range of alcohol and have it delivered to their house in ONE HOUR. My dad loves sending me gifts through this service, so be sure to take advantage of it this holiday season. It's the easiest, most hassle-free way to gift amazing spirits, even if your person is on the other side of the country. *See the list of participating cities here.

Send a gift through Drizly here and get Bad Sweater for $31.99+.


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