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    29 "WandaVision" Moments That Will Have You Wanting To Rewatch The Season ASAP

    "I'll know where to find you."

    WandaVision unfortunately ended last Friday and I, like most Marvel fans, can't stop thinking about it.

    While we wait for the continuation of these plotlines in the next Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange movies, let's take a quick look back at some of the best moments of the show's first season.

    1. When the opening credit sequences were uniquely and creatively tailored for each episode.

    The six different eras of title cards for the show "WandaVision"

    2. When Vision declared the calendar date marked with a heart as the couple's official anniversary, and Wanda made them wedding rings.

    A calendar shows the 23rd date with a heart drawn on it and two hands showing off wedding rings

    3. When a piece of gum caused Vision to act hilariously intoxicated.

    Paul Bettany as Vision in the show "WandaVision"

    4. When Vision used his powers during the couple's magic act, and Wanda had to scramble to keep their secret hidden.

    Vision lifting up a piano

    5. When Wanda became pregnant overnight and Vision's face summed up all of our reactions.

    Paul Bettany as Vision with a perturbed look on his face as the doctor says, "You're about four months now, is that right?"

    6. When Wanda spoke about Pietro for the first time since his death in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and we all tried not to sob.

    Wanda Maximoff says to Monica, "I'm a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro"

    7. When we were reunited with the delightfully charming Jimmy Woo and saw the return of the hilarious Dr. Darcy Lewis from the Thor movie series.

    8. When Monica Rambeau returned from being blipped and rejoined S.W.O.R.D., the space division her mother, Maria, founded.

    Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and a photo of her mother Maria

    9. When Darcy made the realization that The Hex that Wanda created around Westview was broadcasting the events in town as various sitcom tropes.

    Jimmy Woo says "So you're saying the universe created a sitcom starring two Avengers?" to which Darcy replies, "It's a working theory"

    10. When Wanda's twin boys, Billy and Tommy, hilariously aged from babies to 10-year-olds over the course of a single episode.

    Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne as Wanda and Vision's sons Billy and Tommy

    11. When Vision started to realize that something wasn't quite right in Westview, leading to him and Wanda having a super-powered argument in their living room.

    Vision questioning what is outside of Westview to which Wanda replies, "You don't wanna know, I promise you"

    12. When the Maximoff/Vision family wore their incredible comic book–inspired Halloween costumes.

    13. When Wanda expanded the boundaries of The Hex to save Vision, which turned the S.W.O.R.D. agents into clowns and other circus performers.

    14. When Wanda gave hilarious yet heartbreaking Modern Family–inspired interviews during her downward spiral.

    Wanda says, "I don't understand what's happening...why it's...why it's all falling apart and why...I can't fix it"

    15. When Monica broke through the Hex for the second time, causing her to get superpowers.

    16. When it was revealed that Agnes, aka Agatha Harkness, was behind the strange occurrences happening in Westview, and her evil deeds were highlighted with the catchiest song of all time.

    Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness walking up to Wanda's door

    17. When Agatha forced Wanda to relive her most traumatic moments in life to figure out the secret to her powers, and the audience was able to better understand her motivations as a character.

    Wanda "seeing her parents die, being experimented on, and losing her twin brother"

    18. When Wanda described her overwhelming grief after losing Pietro, and Vision comforted her with his usual brand of sweet wisdom.

    19. When Wanda made her way into the S.W.O.R.D. laboratory like a badass after being denied the opportunity to bury Vision's body properly.

    20. When Agatha explained that Wanda's powers stemmed from Chaos Magic and called her "the Scarlet Witch" for the first time in the MCU.

    21. When Wanda, Vision, and the boys banded together to fend off the military, leading to a very familiar battle stance.

    The Wanda Vision family posing similarly to the superhero family in The Incredibles

    22. When Monica was trapped inside with Pierto and, after a brief scuffle, released him from Agatha's magical hold to reveal he was just a kid named Ralph Bohner and not Wanda's brother.

    23. When the Westview residents revealed that they feel Wanda's pain and trauma all the time, even as they slept, and Wanda couldn't handle it.

    Debra Jo Rupp as Sharon Davis, Asif Ali as Abilash Tandon who plays Vision's co-worker "Norm"

    24. When Hayward tried to escape Westview after trying to kill Wanda and her family, but Darcy stopped him by slamming into him with a car.

    25. When, after a fierce battle through the town, Vision and White Vision had a philosophical debate over the meaning of being "the true Vision."

    26. When Wanda defeated Agatha by casting runes and gave an iconic speech about knowing who her true self is.

    27. When Wanda and Vision tucked their boys into bed before the boundaries of The Hex were destroyed and they disappeared forever.

    28. When Vision asked what he truly was and Wanda heartbreakingly explained how he came to be in Westview.

    29. And finally, when Wanda's Scarlet Witch costume was finally revealed and you could hear the jaws dropping everywhere.

    Did we miss any WandaVision moments that you consider to be the best? Let us know in the comments below!