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    16 Hilarious Reactions To THAT Massive Reveal At The End Of The New "WandaVision" Episode

    (Musical) spoiler warning!

    Hey howdy hey, readers! This post is about the newest episode of WandaVision and, more importantly, a big-ass spoiler at the tail end of the episode! So if you haven't seen it yet, I implore you to click away from this post before scrolling any further!!!

    OKAY! It's your last chance to turn back! SPOILERS INCOMING IN 3! 2! 1...

    So, was Agnes — or, more correctly, Agatha. Agatha is the bad guy. It was, quite literally, Agatha all along.

    Introducing herself as "Agatha Harkness" at the very end of the episode, the character was revealed to be the mastermind behind pretty much every part of the show so far, from Pietro's sudden reappearance to the killing of the twins' dog, Sparky. Her evil knows no bounds!!!

    Still, easily the best part of her character reveal was that she STRAIGHT-UP GOT A VILLAIN THEME SONG? AND IT'S A BOP?! KRONK IS SHAKING?!

    Literally can not stop listening to Agatha all Along, I believe in Kathryn Hahn supremacy 🌟

    Like, "Monster Mash" who???

    So — with all of that in mind — here are some of the absolutely silliest reactions to both Agatha's reveal and her absolute BOP of a theme song, courtesy of Tumblr and Twitter:

    1. This love:

    @sydwillnotshutup / Tumblr / Via

    2. This rightful renaming:

    what if next episode we get agatha saying "previously on agatha all along”

    Twitter: @itsmykingbird

    3. This (un)expected turn of events:

    @ryukisgod / Tumblr / Via

    4. This bop appreciation:

    #wandavision spoilers but agatha all along was too much of a banger to not make this 💀

    Twitter: @euphoricspider

    5. This reworked tweet:

    @wandamaximoffapologist / Tumblr / Via

    6. This excellent credits discovery:


    Twitter: @moonstoneluz

    7. This A+ vine use:

    @fairlyoddchica / Tumblr / Via

    8. The new Disney villain song:

    @magpie-of-the-north / Tumblr / Via

    9. This mood change:

    #WandaVision Me watching "It's been Agatha all Along" vs Me when she said "OH and I killed sparky"...

    Twitter: @justlvngmybstlf

    10. This undeniable truth:

    @marvelxs-universe / Tumblr / Via

    11. This shocker(?):

    #WandaVision spoilers Me since episode one: Agnes is Agatha Harkness and she's influencing everything Wandavision: It's been Agatha all along Me:

    Twitter: @rosannafayex

    12. This cruel intention:

    "It's been Agatha all along....and I killed sparky too" #WandaVision

    Twitter: @ThoStrombreaker

    13. This basic summation of events:

    #wandavision - - - - agnes during agatha all along

    Twitter: @WESTSIDEDAYA

    14. This perfect photoshop:

    @lazy-cat-corner / Tumblr / Via

    15. This preferred planning method:

    @thenotoriousscuttlecliff / Tumblr / Via

    16. And finally — this magical crossover:

    @lookingformyanchor / Tumblr / Via

    What were your thoughts on the big reveal in the new episode of WandaVision? How do I make "Agatha All Along" my ringtone? Share all of your answers in the comments below!!! Also, if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Tumblr and Twitter to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!