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    25 "The Batman" Tweets That Perfectly Capture Everyone's Thirst Over Zoë Kravitz As Catwoman

    "No thoughts, just Zoë Kravitz serving."

    The Batman premiered over the weekend and, while there's so much to discuss — from R. Patz's perfect portrayal of Bruce Wayne to the horrifically zany antics of The Riddler — the main discourse people can't get over is about how freakin' phenomenal Zoë Kravitz was in the role of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman.

    There are truly not enough words in the English language to perfectly explain how incredible Zoë's performance was. She IS the people's Catwoman, and I will not be entertaining any arguments against that fact.

    So, if you're like me and can't stop thinking about this purrfect casting choice, please enjoy these hilarious, and thirsty, tweets:


    zoe kravitz served and ATE the role up #Catwoman

    Warner Bros/Alamy / Via Twitter: @sapphicsbats


    Saw Batman, here’s my review: A girl audibly moaned when Zoe Kravitz came on screen.

    Warner Bros/Alamy / Via Twitter: @PH7RAOH


    girls dont want boys they just want to admire zoë kravitz as catwoman

    Warner Bros/Alamy / Via Twitter: @brxcewaynes


    Robert Pattinson is a professional cuz every scene and photoshoot with Zoe Kravitz would’ve been retakes like this

    Twitter: @big_business_


    robert pattinson deserves an oscar just for delivering lines while zoe kravitz is staring at him

    Twitter: @wholelottatr3y


    I'm surprised that The Batman has two spin-offs in the works, but neither is a Catwoman thing. Zoe Kravitz just kills it and steals the show in that movie.

    Twitter: @riteshwriter


    me in the theaters when zoe kravitz selina kyle walks into frame:

    Twitter: @kaireeds


    the batman is a masterpiece because it understands that any human on earth would totally shut down and be unable to think in the presence of zoe kravitz

    Twitter: @loverboymedia


    a movie with zoe kravitz' catwoman and margot robbie's harley quinn would fix my anxiety, raise my grades, clear my skin, water my crops, add 20 years to my life, make me a better person and give me a reason to live

    Warner Bros/Everett Collection, Clubhouse Pictures / Via Twitter: @catradora_kiss


    y’all didn’t tell me Batman was in this shit wtf

    Twitter: @notdisxpix


    Zoe Kravitz is the best #Catwoman we’ve ever seen in live-action She’s smart, capable, intuitive, & has tremendous heart. Her on screen chemistry with Robert Pattinson’s Batman felt completely natural and an absolute perfect fit She portrayed the character of Catwoman perfectly

    Warner Bros/Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @ZayyanFarooqi


    zoë kravitz is so hot that if i ever saw her in person i would run in the opposite direction

    Twitter: @botticelli_bod


    Me watching Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson on screen at the same time

    Twitter: @lelaniecypher


    I like I'd rather debate on a subject that ACTUALLY MATTERS thank you very much #Catwoman #TheBatman

    Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @butterbarrr


    no thoughts, just zoë kravitz's catwoman serving #thebatman

    Warner Bros/Alamy / Via Twitter: @LexieBadBitch2


    robert pattinson and zoe kravitz seeing the state of romance and chemistry in superhero movies rn:

    Twitter: @leylanocontext


    Batman better than me, the Batphone would be on DND if Selina Kyle was Zoe Kravitz.

    Twitter: @big_business_


    i’d let zoe kravitz do whatever she wants to me

    Twitter: @ihyjuju


    zoë kravitz as selina kyle is something so powerful actually

    Warner Bros/Alamy / Via Twitter: @fiImgal


    so what im hearing is give Zoë Kravitz a Catwoman solo film

    Twitter: @itsnotjess123


    every time zoë kravitz was on screen i was fighting for my life fr

    Twitter: @JCNITORS


    Twitter: @keyon


    pink wig zoe kravitz as selina kyle will live rent free in my head forever 🧎‍♀️

    Warner Bros / Via Twitter: @chazelleswift


    Zoë Kravitz was amazing as Selina Kyle. Start to finish. No flaws. Perfect.

    Warner Bros/Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @HailEternal


    Batman is a better man than me cause ong I’m not choosing Gotham over Zoe Kravitz

    Warner Bros/Everett Collection / Via Twitter: @A2KenshinYT