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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Songs On Ariana Grande's New Album From "Good" To "Instant Classic"

    I said what I said!

    Last Friday, the queen who runs pop, Ariana Grande, dropped her latest masterpiece, Positions.

    In true Ari ~stan~ fashion, I listened to the album as soon as it dropped at midnight and I haven't stopped playing it since. Now that a few days have passed and I had time to digest the music in its entirety, here are my rankings of each song*.

    14. "Positions"

    Ariana Grande walks in front of group of sharply dressed women in her music video "Positions."

    13. "West Side"

    12. "Six Thirty”

    11. "Love Language"

    10. "Just Like Magic”

    9. "Obvious"

    8. "Safety Net" feat. Ty Dolla $ign

    7. "Nasty"

    6. "Shut Up”

    5. "Off the Table" feat. The Weeknd

    4. "Motive" feat. Doja Cat

    3. "POV"

    2. "My Hair"

    1. “34+35"

    Disagree with my list? Let me know how you would rank the album in the comments below!