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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Songs On Ariana Grande's New Album From "Good" To "Instant Classic"

    I said what I said!

    Last Friday, the queen who runs pop, Ariana Grande, dropped her latest masterpiece, Positions.

    In true Ari ~stan~ fashion, I listened to the album as soon as it dropped at midnight and I haven't stopped playing it since. Now that a few days have passed and I had time to digest the music in its entirety, here are my rankings of each song*.

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    *Please note that these are my opinions and they are not the end all be all!

    14. "Positions"

    Ariana Grande walks in front of group of sharply dressed women in her music video "Positions."
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    This is a fun song that did a great job easing people into the new R&B sound that flows through the entire album, but it wasn't very strong as a leading single, especially compared to some of the songs higher on this list. But, the music video slaps HARD!

    13. "West Side"

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    Ariana Grande is well known for her high register singing voice, so it's always nice to hear her lower singing voice. While this song is a skip for me, it does have a great beat.

    12. "Six Thirty”

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    Okay, so this song was going to be lower on this list, but after listening to it on repeat a few times, it has a special place in my heart due to the snappy chorus.

    11. "Love Language"

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    This is the R&B/pop mix of my dreams!! The bouncy beat is peak Ariana Grande, but the flow of the lyrics gives it a playful, sexy vibe that I dig so much!!

    10. "Just Like Magic”

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    I LOVE bragging Ari. Just like her hit "7 Rings," this is just Ariana flexing. This time she's not flexing her wealth, she's flexing her relationship with good karma, and and singing about how a positive attitude led to her success. We love to see it!

    9. "Obvious"

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    A sweet little love bop that anyone who's been less than subtle about their feelings for someone can relate to.

    8. "Safety Net" feat. Ty Dolla $ign

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    Why did no one tell me Ty Dolla $ign could sing like this?! Slipping into a dark, sexy beat, this song is about letting go of your fears and diving headfirst into love with no safety net.

    7. "Nasty"

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    Yes, Ari, come through with this sexy bop!! Gone are the days where Ariana Grande would be too coy to sing about sex outright. This is pure grown folks music and I love it!!

    6. "Shut Up”

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    What an incredible way to open an album!! If you have a nosy Nellie in your life, send them this song and let Ariana Grande tell them what they should do!

    5. "Off the Table" feat. The Weeknd

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    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS COLLAB FOR SIX YEARS!!! It's staged as a conversation between a woman struggling to move on to new love after a heartbreaking loss, and a man who will stay by her side even if he's not her number one love. This song is beautiful, heartbreaking, and so well sung, you'll get chills every time you listen to it.

    4. "Motive" feat. Doja Cat

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    Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and a funky, disco beat. Need I say more?

    3. "POV"

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    This song is the perfect closer for this album. Like "Imagine" on Thank U, Next, this song is Ariana Grande singing directly to her lover. However, unlike the previous song, she is singing about moving on and loving herself as much as her lover does. Beautiful, poetic, and a light note to end on.

    2. "My Hair"

    @arianagrade / Via

    The lyrics, vocals, and smooth beat already put this song in my top three, but there was one thing that set it apart from the others. At the 2:02 mark, you can hear the chorus of the song being repeated in such a beautiful, high-pitched register that I honestly thought it was an instrument during my first listen. But, IT'S JUST HER NATURAL VOICE!!!!

    1. “34+35"

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    I'm sorry, but you can never convince me this isn't the best song on this album. Set to a genius mix of string instruments and a danceable beat, Ariana Grande gives us almost three minutes of classy sexual innuendo, while also singing like an absolute angel. It's such a fun song and chances are I'm mostly likely listening to it at this moment!

    Disagree with my list? Let me know how you would rank the album in the comments below!