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    Lil Nas X Pulled Off Three Outfits On The Met Gala Carpet, And I Can't Stop Screaming About It

    Booty so big, Lord have mercy!

    Lil Nas X finally hit the Met Gala carpet for the first time and, of course, he knocked it out of the park with not one...

    Lil Nas X  wears a floor length patterned cape

    ...not two...

    Lil Nas X wears a robotic gold plated suit of armor at the Met Gala

    ...but THREE looks!!

    Lil Nas X wears a long sleeve glittery jumpsuit

    Taking a page out of Lady Gaga's book, Lil Nas X made all of his outfit changes on the carpet in real time.

    Lil Nas X's cape is taken off by two men to reveal his gold plated suit of armor

    And I couldn't help but notice how Nas, um, filled out his custom jumpsuit. Respectfully, of course!!

    Lil Nas X poses by looking over his shoulder while wearing a long sleeve glittery jumpsuit

    I would say I'm surprised Lil Nas X blew us all away, but this wasn't his first iconic look in the last 48 hours. He slayed on the MTV VMA red carpet just last night.

    Lil Nas X wears a brightly colored off the shoulder blazer and matching pants with a train tied around his waist

    All hail the king of the carpet!! And don't forget to stream Montero this Friday!!!

    A close up of Lil Nas X as he poses in his glittery jumpsuit